‘DOOL’ Fans Livid Over How Victor Kiriakis Dies

Victor Kiriakis

Days Of Our Lives fans are livid over how Victor Kiriakis is killed off the show. When John Aniston passed away almost a year ago, fans knew that Victor would be killed off the show. Now, it is finally going to happen but fans aren’t happy about the way they decided to do it.

How Will Victor Kiriakis Be Killed Off?

It turns out that Victor Kiriakis will be killed off in a plane crash. It will be happening later this month. Insiders are backing up the story that this is how he will end up dying. Hopefully, he isn’t flying to see Bo Brady because that would be hard on everyone if that was the way he died. Shawn would feel very guilty if he ended up dying this way and that would be difficult. Shawn is already upset about what went down with Bo, so you don’t want to add that to his guilt, but Days Of Our Lives may decide to do so.

There is expected to be a funeral as well, which will air in either late August or early September. That will be heartbreaking to watch knowing that John Aniston is actually dead and they didn’t just kill Victor Kiriakis off the show with the chance of him coming back like so many people do in soap operas.

Fans Reveal Their Thoughts

Fans are not happy about the way that Victor Kiriakis is going to die. A plane crash just doesn’t seem like the way they should have done it with John Aniston being such a huge star on the show DOOL. Here is what some of them had to say on Facebook.

  • Let’s just wait and see how it plays out. I am no writer, but a plane crash could mean someone sabotaged the plane (like Ava did) or involve some other mystery of how he died. While I do not love every single storyline, I am confident they will give John Aniston a proper sendoff.
  • Why don’t they ever let these characters die of old age
  • That is stupid, our beloved John Aniston was part of the series for many years now.
  • A airplane OH come on, they can think of something better than that.
  • Plane crash? Wonder if that’s an umbrella storyline?

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