‘Days Of Our Lives’ Cody Longo Dead: Cause Of Death Released

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Ever since Days Of Our Lives star Cody Longo was found dead following a wellness check, soap fans wondered what the 34-year-old’s cause of death was. While it has taken a few months, the young actor’s autopsy has been made public and his cause of death has been released. What caused this young star to pass away? Keep reading for the tragic details.

Days Of Our Lives Star Dead At 34

It was back in February of this year when Tv Shows Ace first reported Cody Longo from Days Of Our Lives was found dead at the age of 34.

At the time, it was reported that his wife Stephanie was working when she become unsettled after being unable to reach her husband. Unable to leave work, she reached out to the police to perform a wellness check.

When police arrived at the home, they ended up kicking in the door after getting no response from the Days Of Our Lives star. Tragically, the young actor was already deceased when police responded to check on him.

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Cody Longo’s Cause Of Death Released

Since news of his death was confirmed, fans speculated on what may have happened to the actor. There, however, hadn’t been any information on how he passed away. According to TMZ, the details of his autopsy have finally been made public and his cause of death has been revealed.

The autopsy report cited “chronic ethanol abuse” and “natural causes” as his official cause of death. Unfortunately, the report confirms years of hard drinking as a factor in his passing.

Tragically, the autopsy report also confirms the soap star may have been dead for some time before being discovered as his body had already begun to decompose by the time police found him. Likewise, the report confirms several empty bottles of alcoholic beverages were found near his body.

Cody Longo’s Cause Of Death Wasn’t A Shocker To Family

Sadly, the actor had just gone to rehab for his alcohol addiction in the summer prior to his passing. Likewise, his loved ones had already suspected his cause of death was likely connected to his alcohol addiction as he had relapsed prior to his passing.

Cody Longo’s relationship with alcohol even landed him in some legal trouble back in 2013 busted for driving under the influence. At the time, the actor ended up working out a plea deal and was required to attend classes dedicated to educating on alcohol.

Rest in peace, Cody Longo.

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