‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Shares Heartbreaking Post About Son

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Raiven Brown had a tough pregnancy last year and she has just shared a heartbreaking story about her son that came out of her tough year. Raiven has two sons, River and Cove, and lost a baby in between to a miscarriage. While she has had it rough, she admitted there is more to it than just the struggles of having her second baby.

Here is what Raiven had to say about her son and why it breaks her heart.

Raiven talks difficult situation during pregnancy

Raiven Brown had a rough pregnancy with her new son Cove. This was her rainbow baby, coming a year after she suffered a miscarriage with her last pregnancy. As a result, her doctor labeled this a high-risk pregnancy. Starting in the third trimester of the pregnancy, Raiven was put on bed rest until she had the baby. This caused a heartbreaking moment for Raiven that only got worse later when it comes to River.

Raiven Brown - ABP screencap

In a recent Instagram post, Raiven wrote that the doctor told her that she could no longer hold River when the pregnancy hit its third trimester. This meant that she had to stop rocking River to sleep. She said that Bear Brown helped out in this area while she was pregnant, but she “longed for the day my baby would be born and my c-section healed.”

She wanted to start holding River and rocking him to sleep again. However, something even more heartbreaking happened when she healed up. River was older and he didn’t want to be rocked any more. “I was heartbroken. I have my youngest to rock of course,” Raiven wrote. “But it was the idea I didn’t have any warning I would no longer be able to rock him.”

Raiven wasn’t ready to stop holding her firstborn and rocking him to sleep. When the doctor told her she couldn’t hold River anymore, it came as a surprise with no warning. She had to stop rocking him to sleep and when she could hold him again, that time in his life had passed without her getting a chance again.

Raiven Brown had some good news

Raiven Brown mentioned that there was one big of good news that came out of this. Her moment of reflection came after River settled down and let her hold him as she rocked both boys to sleep last night. She said it was the first time since the pregnancy that River allowed it. “My arms feel like spaghetti noodles but my heart feels full,” she wrote.

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Things also likely seem easier for Raiven now as well. After Cove was born, Raiven spent a week in the hospital and had been on bed rest before that for a few months. However, Bear Brown left her to go back to Washington, leaving Raiven to raise both Cove and River alone. She had family close by, but she also said she wasn’t letting anyone see Cove yet, so she was truly alone.

What are your thoughts about Bear and Raiven Brown getting back together again and rebuilding their family unit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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