Fans Think Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Are Faking Relationship

There are a lot of rumors that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are already suffering through marriage problems. According to reports, they are not living together right now as they try to figure out how to navigate through these issues. Recent photos of them together even have some fans feeling they are faking happiness in public.

Here is what we know about Affleck and Lopez and why fans aren’t sold on their relationship.

Are Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Faking It?

The news started when reports arose that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were going through some marriage problems. It seems the issues started a few months ago as JLo started working more. Lopez is preparing for a tour and is focused on getting that moving. A source says they are not on the same page right now (via Us Weekly).

Ben Affleck Lets Son Drive Lambo [ABC News | YouTube]

Now, a recent photo has many fans thinking that the two are faking their happiness in public. This comes from a photo taken on Sunday when Affleck and Lopez were in a car together in Los Angeles going to a family event together. Jennifer Garner was also at the event, and it seems it was a film screening with their kids (via ET).

Lopez, 54, wore a turtleneck sweater and an embroidered trenchcoat. Affleck, 51, wore a Boston T-shirt and jeans. He flashed his wedding band as he visited a local theater. On Friday, paparazzi photographed him without the ring on.

However, what has fans skepticle is the photo taken as they were in a car and someone took their photo. JLo smiled but Affleck delivered what appeared to be a fake smile, which some took to mean he wasn’t happy being with Lopez. However, a more logical explanation is that he was faking a smile because someone in another car was taking his picture as he drove down the road.

When Did The Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez rumors start?

Last year, Jennifer Lopez officially changed her name to Jennifer Affleck, although she still uses Lopez for her professional career. However, this year, fans have noticed a troubling sign. The couple hadn’t been photographed together in over 40 days, and it was because they hadn’t been spending much time together.

“They have been staying in separate homes and the tension has been high. They are taking a second to figure out what each of them is going through and wants. Both of them have been very down,” a source told ET.

Fans saw the recent photo and jumped to their own conclusions:

  • “[Ben and Jennfier] are the high school couple that can’t exist without drama. It’s exhausting!”
  • “[Ben] looks like he’s about to cry! I always say I have a resting depressed face even when I’m smiling”
  • “Ben is a classic introvert who abhors life in the public eye. It must not be easy for him”

What are your thoughts on the recent Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez drama? Do you think their marriage is falling apart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I believe Jennifer Lopez only thinks of herself and what is best for her career! I don’t believe that she has Ben’s best interest in mind! She has and I always will be self centered! While Ben may love her, he is more introverted and likes to keep his private life Private! Where she never had!

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