‘The View’ Joy Behar Advises Jennifer Lopez To Shut Up

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The View co-host, Joy Behar is advising Jennifer Lopez to essentially just shut up. Jennifer has been in the news lately for her marriage with Ben Affleck. There are rumors circulating that things are not as great as they would like them to be. Now, Joy has some words of wisdom for J. Lo but will she take them? Keep reading for more details on exactly what she had to say.

The View Joy Behar Advises Jennifer Lopez To Shut Up

Joy Behar always speaks her mind on The View and that can either help her or hurt her. She has been on the show since its inception except for a brief time when she had been let go. Joy then returned and was her feisty and opinionated self, never shying away from how she truly felt. That has always been how she operated in her days as a comedian. Now, she is chatting about actress and singer Jennifer Lopez who has been the subject of marital issue rumors. She is currently on her fourth marriage, this time to Ben Affleck.

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The two were engaged back in the early 2000s but that ended and she went on to marry Marc Anthony. They had twins, Max and Emme but divorced after a decade. Nearly twenty years after they first dated, Ben and Jen reconnected and started dating again, and soon, tied the knot. Things have not been easy and now, it looks like they are on a rocky road. According to Page Six, the topic of their struggles came up on The View and that was when Joy dished out some advice to Jennifer:

“When you go around shouting your love from the rooftops, it gets tricky when things don’t go well. My advice is keep your mouth shut.”

Joy Behar also shared how she and her husband, Steve Janowitz act behind closed doors and even out in public. She joked how she does not say she loves him when they go out and not when they are alone. Then, she proceeded to add to her point about Jennifer Lopez:

“Telling everybody how much you love each other and writing it on Instagram and on Facebook, and then you get a divorce and everybody says, ‘Oh, you see!?’”

Shouting From The Rooftops

Joy Behar seems to believe that the kiss of death is saying it so much that it is everywhere, almost to the point of being obnoxious. The View co-host made it clear she was not trying to “gossip” about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. However, she did note that there was chatter going on about them. The other show hosts were unsure as to where the celeb couple stood. Sunny Hostin was adamant that they were still very much in love. Yet, Ana Navarro felt J. Lo was similar to Elizabeth Taylor and added this:

“She’s addicted to marriage, to love, to being part of a couple, to romance. She’s wonderful for the marriage industry.”

Do you agree with Joy that Jennifer needs to just be quiet at this time and let things simmer down? More so, is bragging about love the kiss of death? Let us know in the comments below.

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