Rachael Kirkconnell Talks Split Rumors & Matt James’ Mom, Patty

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Rumors have been flying for some time now that Rachael Kirkconnell and former Bachelor Matt James are having relationship issues. She’s finally addressing what fans have been speculating about. Keep reading to see what she had to say about her relationship status and Matt’s mom Patty James.

Rachael Kirkconnell addresses split rumors

The Bachelor Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell have been the center of rumors that their relationship was in trouble. It all started when she was on vacation without Matt. The two were barely posting and no current photos were appearing of them together on social media. Concerned fans continually questioned them both with no answers being given about if they were still together.

Now, Rachael is speaking out and letting fans know their current status. Rachael spoke with US Weekly and shared her thoughts on the rumors. She said, “I think that we’ve been through so much stuff at this point that nothing really phases us. I get it — because we’re together so much so whenever our schedules don’t line up or whenever we have our own things going on, I get where people come from.”

Rachael went on to say she knows the concern comes from a place of love. Fans love seeing these two together so the thought of their relationship ending is tough. She also reiterated that they are a normal couple in a normal relationship. Rachael concluded by saying, “It’s kind of crazy sometimes when you see, you know, just how invested people are. In such a quick way, too. You’re like, ‘It’s been a week! I haven’t posted in, like, eight days, relax!’”

Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James via Insta

Fans are not the only ones concerned

It was also brought up by Matt that his mom even questions him sometimes if he shows up without Rachael. She immediately makes sure things are okay between them.

Rachael followed up by saying, “I do love [your mom]. I only think your mom is like that because we have so much fun when we’re together.”

As far as Matt and Rachael are concerned, they are just living life and love being each other’s best friend. They are coming up on three years together. She also noted they bring out the best in each other. She believes they have a lot to teach each other. So, it looks like their relationship is still thriving despite all the rumors and speculation.

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Are you glad they are still together?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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