Does Raquel Leviss Have A Future With ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Raquel Leviss [Source: YouTube]

Raquel Leviss became popular as a semi-successful pageant queen but really built a fan base when she secured a role on Vanderpump Rules. However, the lifestyle got the best of her, and her return for Season 11 is still in question.

An Affair Disguised As Friendship

It’s no secret the type of friend that Leviss, 28, proved herself to be during Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules. The former pageant queen two-timed her now former best friend, Ariana Madix, by having an affair with the two-timer himself, Tom Sandoval. Levis and Sandoval had the entire cast of the reality show fooled, Lisa Vanderpump included, until well… they didn’t.

Ariana Madix Wears Black Leather Dress [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
The news of the affair broke in March, and the drama is ongoing. Leviss checked herself into a mental health treatment facility in April, shortly after the season 10 reunion, and is “still getting treatment at the mental health facility, and that continues to be her priority,” according to a source. Leviss’s return to Vanderpump Rules is still in question, the source adding “Nothing has been confirmed yet other than the fact that she’s in negotiations about returning.”

Starring Rachel As Raquel Leviss

Raquel Leviss, born Rachel, has her own thoughts on whether or not she will return to Vanderpump Rules and both the former cast and current cast have their thoughts as well.

Former cast member Jax Taylor recently shared his opinion to Us Weekly saying, “No, absolutely not. No.” Taylor, 44, added, “There is nothing healthy about reality TV for anybody.” The somewhat new father explained, “You need to have thick skin.” Elaborating, “In my opinion, I think [Raquel] dove into something that was a little bit bigger than her. I don’t think she’s mentally tough enough to be in something like this.”

Although, current cast member Lala Kent believes that there might be space to make it work with Leviss on the show. “There’s been a lot of time. I feel like time has passed,” says Kent. In a previous interview, she explained, “I can’t answer that for her. I think she needs to isolate and really reflect on what she wants out of life… You can come back from this. I just want her to do what’s best for her, whether it’s on the show or not on the show… Only she can make the call.” But, don’t get it wrong. Kent doesn’t necessarily plan on filming with Levis if she does come back. In reference to being behind the camera together, Kent says, “If it made sense — we were never really friends.”

Madix, the main character in the middle of it all, shared in an interview, “It’s not up to us who comes back.” Regarding Sandoval and Leviss she “just wouldn’t hang out with them,” adding, “I’m just going to be doing me. Me doing me means they are not part of my life.”

So, what do you think? The return of Leviss would be great for ratings (presumably) but would it be equally as great for the Bravo TV show itself?

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