Raquel Leviss To Finally Check Out Of Mental Health Facility

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Vanderpump Rules stars Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval have been the center of attention lately. Sandoval was in a nearly 10-year relationship with cast member Ariana Madix. However, Madix ended the relationship in March after she uncovered a video that proved Tom was cheating on her with Raquel. Fans, family, and friends are genuinely shocked about what happened, and it was not expected in the least. This even made other Vanderpump Rules stars question their partner’s loyalty because they never thought Sandoval would do such a thing either. Raquel Leviss decided to check herself into a mental facility that she has been in for 2 months.

Lisa Vanderpump Doesn’t Want To Talk About Raquel

Lisa Vanderpump was super talkative in a chat with US Weekly, that was until they asked about Raquel and the negotiation between her contract. The business owner expressed that it would be up to the other cast members and how they decide to treat Raquel after returning. Fans do not that Vanderpump Rules cast members will welcome Raquel back with open arms. Ariana Madix has made it clear that Leviss is dead to her. Lisa also pointed out how none of the Bravo stars listen to her so there is nothing she can do about it.


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Raquel Leviss Set To Leave Mental Facility

It is said that Leviss should be leaving the facility she has been staying at in “10-15 days”. The source made sure to express that fans knew Raquel could have stayed longer if she wanted to, so it seems as if she is leaving on her terms. Could she be leaving just to start filming again? Raquel’s role in the show has not been decided just yet.

“Both sides are hoping they can work something out so that Raquel gets the treatment she needs, and she’s still able to be included in the show.”

Do you think there is a possible way to keep her in the show while making sure her mental health is stable? Raquel decided to check herself into the facility before the Vanderpump Rules reunion episodes came out. However, she wanted to stay to finish her job since the season was almost over. Raquel’s family also helped her decide that she needed to go somewhere and get help. Fans are hoping that Raquel seriously got the help she needed.

Fans are questioning if Raquel’s mental health can take being in such a toxic environment again. Viewers know that she will never be able to make amends with the cast after what she did. How do you feel about Raquel leaving the mental facility? Do you think she is ready and should be going back to filming? Sound off in the comments below.

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