Jesse Lally Thinks Ex-Wife Michelle Cheated During Marriage

Jesse and Michelle Lally

It seems that Jesse Lally thinks it is possible his ex-wife, Michelle Lally, cheated on him. The two announced their separation after being married for six years. On this season of The Valley, fans have seen their marriage go downhill. They are constantly fighting and never on the same page. Viewers saw some of their costars hint that Michelle was cheating on Jesse, and now he may believe them.

Kristen Doute Reveals Truth

Kristen Doute had information about Michelle Lally and let it come to light. 

“Because she had a f—king boyfriend for a year. There we all said it. Now she’s protecting him and not me, about a year ago, Michelle and Jesse were very unhappy. Michelle had a guy. She was seeing him, they were hanging out. I was not against any of this because I think Jesse is a piece of s—t.”

This was on camera and during the time Kristen and Michelle were fighting. She did not care to ruin the friendship anymore.

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Jesse Lally May Agree With Kristen Doute

Jesse Lally seems to think it is possible.

“That gets in my head and then it’s like, you went out with the girls. Why didn’t you post any pictures of you guys drinking margaritas or something? and I’m like, ‘Did she really go out with the girls or is she seeing somebody behind my back? All that does is it snowballs. Then I have all these crazy ideas in my head. She used to yell at me when we first started dating. If I put my cell phone down and then all of a sudden she starts putting her cell phone face down. For years, she wouldn’t go out and have a margarita without doing boomerang. Then all of a sudden, no more posting. Her thing was, ‘Well sometimes I want to take a break from social media.’ Bulls—t. She never took a break from social media, ever.”

Yikes. This was just another thing that pushed the two to separate.

Michelle Lally
Michelle Lally

It seems that things are not adding up for Jesse and he thinks it could be possible. Michelle continues to deny the rumors, but why would she admit to them? Fans think it is true as they have seen Michelle be unhappy in the marriage during the entirety of the season. However, she may be telling the truth, and nothing is confirmed. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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