Schwartz & Sandy’s Staff DONE With Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval-YouTube

Is the staff at Schwartz & Sandy’s done with co-owner and one of their bosses, Tom Sandoval? The Vanderpump Rules star has been making waves recently as he has been seen arguing with his business partner, Tom Schwartz. Additionally, his cheating scandal did not bode well for the restaurant lounge. Now it seems that Sandoval is the least desirable player at the lounge and his staff is over him. What do they have to say? Read on for more details.

Schwartz & Sandy’s Staff DONE With Tom Sandoval

A few days ago, it was alleged that Tom Sandoval had sold his part in Schwartz & Sandy’s. This came after footage was caught of him and Tom Schwartz fighting. Yet, they have also been seen having intense conversations however it is unclear what exactly the business partners are discussing. In early March, it came out that Sandoval had been having an affair with Raquel Leviss. This was while he was in an almost decade-long relationship with Ariana Madix. Plus, Madix and Leviss were best friends so it was a huge bombshell but great for show ratings.

Schwartz & Sandy's-YouTube
Schwartz & Sandy’s-YouTube

Sadly, it hurt both of Tom Sandoval’s businesses, TomTom and Schwartz & Sandy’s. He is a partner at TomTom with Schwartz, Lisa Vanderpump, and Ken Todd. Things got so bad at the restaurants with poor reviews that they had to turn them off on Yelp. Then, his partner at S&S, Greg, had to send out a message. He was asking people to remember this restaurant had employees who relied on the income. It was a mess. Sandoval said that he was stepping away from his businesses for the time being but now, it seems his employees want him gone for good.

Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz-YouTube
Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz-YouTube

According to The Sun, the staff at Schwartz & Sandy’s does not want to deal with Tom Sandoval at all. A staff member shared that he never comes in whereas Tom Schwartz always makes his presence known. “The whole staff talks about him behind his back, no one thinks he’s smart or a good business person and he bailed on the restaurant when things got bad so he’s a coward also. I mean, how can you show your face at your business when no one on the staff respects you and the owners don’t want you here?”

Love For Schwartz

The staffer made it clear that they love Tom Schwartz and believe he freally does care about he restaurant lounge. However, they think that the time has come for Tom Sandoval to make his exit. Another insider shared that management is eager to get Sandoval out and are figuring out plausible ways to do this. Fortunately, business is back on track which is great but it did backslide after ‘Scandoval.’ So, maybe Sandoval selling his part in the business us not unfounded.

Do you think its best for everyone if Tom Sandoval exits? Should he just focus on his passion projects like his band? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Yes I actually think that Tom Sandoval would be doing Schwartz a favor if he sold his share of the bar to someone who actually cared about the business and who was not so selfish. Sandoval is only out for himself, always has been and always will be. Sandoval has only treated Schwartz as a lost puppy dog, I think he likes the fact that he can boss Schwartz around without a fight, he could careless he was part to blame in breaking up Tom & Katie’s marriage, Sandoval is a narcissistic sociopath who needs serious therapy. If Sandoval ever cared about Schwartz he would sale his share of the bar so it can thrive and become something so much more.

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