‘Sister Wives:’ Leon Brown Feels ‘Grateful To Exist’

Sister Wives Instagram Leon Brown With Audrey Kriss

Sister Wives star Leon Brown seems like a really spiritual sort of person and often thinks about existence and the meaning of life. Recently, they felt very grateful for life and wrote a rather beautiful piece about the acceptance of themselves and others who identify as trans.

Sister Wives: Leon Brown Keeps TLC Fans Updated On Social Media

TLC viewers seldom see Meri Brown’s adult child on the show these days. Nevertheless, Audrey Kriss and Leon keep fans updated on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Actually, their popularity grows just fine without the need for the show, because they stand for so many people who came out. Furthermore, they prove that life without identifying as a specific gender goes on just fine. In fact, some commenters wish they too, had realized the beautiful freedom of just being themselves.

Sister Wives fans saw that Audrey went for top surgery before Leon did, and they were a bit surprised that both of them went trans. However, it works for them. For a while, Leon stayed quiet on social media, but these days, they see the only child of Meri and Kody looking comfortable and happy with their choices. Importantly, Meri is there like a bear with her support and fans hope to see them attend Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding later this month.


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Sister Wives – Leon Brown Feels So Grateful For Life

Life is complex, let’s face it. Some people never work out who they really are. Actually, some fans wish they too could figure out that life needn’t always be a hardship full of struggle and woe. So perhaps that’s why so many of them who saw a recent Instagram post by the TLC star felt inspired. Sharing a colorful photo, Leon looked relaxed in summer clothing and explored the past, and the present in their long caption.

Sister Wives Leon Brown Instagram
Photo Credit: @leointhemountains Instagram

In the post, Sister Wives fans saw a very candid message from Leon. It read in part:

feeling gay, trans, grateful, HOME…reminder that trans people cannot be legislated out of existence. we will keep being born, keep living, keep thriving, & finding our joy.”

That set the tone for what followed, which included a trip down memory lane. After just heading outdoors for a while, and relaxing with nothing on their mind, they “watched fried green tomatoes.” Sweetly, Leon told followers that as a little kid, it was a “favorite.”  Becoming emotional, the caption continued by saying, “i remember being a little trans kid & watching idgie threadgoode squirm walking down the stairs in a dress & then beam when wearing a little yellow suit.”

In conclusion, it comforts Leon and makes them feel grateful to understand that trans and gay people have been around since forever. They continued by calling it “a gift,” adding, “i love [it] very much.”

Inspiration And Love In The Comments

Sister Wives fans really seemed to fall in love with the message of permanency and gratefulness. One of them said in the replies, “HELL YES!!! So proud of you!!”

Meanwhile, Meri Brown joined in, writing, “And you are my gift, one I love very much.” Aww! That was sweet, do you agree? Shout out in the comments below.

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