‘Sister Wives’ Leon Brown Gets GRS, Goes Topless For Fans

Leon Brown, Audrey Kriss/IG

Sister Wives star Leon Brown is proudly showing off their new chest. The only child of Kody and Meri Brown recently underwent top surgery. Now, they are proudly displaying the results and it looks amazing. Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Leon Brown Gets GRS, Goes Topless For Fans

Leon Brown has had a big year. They revealed that they were transgender and that they would be going by they/them pronouns. This was already something that their partner, Audrey Kriss has done. It changed Audrey’s world. Audrey also proceeded to document their life as they transitioned and eventually got top surgery. They proudly showed it off as if they had finally landed where they had always known they belonged. Now, Leon is in the same boat as their partner of six years.

Leon Brown, Audrey Kriss/IG


In a new TikTok, Leon Brown can be seen dancing in their kitchen while making French Press coffee. As they are doing so, they are topless, clearly showing that they have had top surgery. Additionally, they have gotten a new hairstyle and traded in their longer locks for a mullet. It is much shorter and curlier on top while long waves go down their neck. Leon exudes a whole new level of confidence now that they have gotten this surgery and fans are here for it.

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“Becoming someone who loves themselves is so liberating 🥰,” one follower commented. Another added: “So proud of you for living your life in the public eye. But you are giving the younger generation strength to live their true lives. 🥰🥰🥰🥰” The last time Leon and Audrey were seen on Sister Wives was when the pandemic first hit in 2020. This was prior to either of them transitioning and they were helping Leon’s mother Meri run her B&B. Since then, Leon has not been talked about at all.

Life Changes

Leon Brown is not the only one in their family who has undergone major life changes. Their parents, Meri and Kody have officially separated. Though they addressed their split in the Season 17 tell-all, they recently took to social media to put out a statement regarding the breakup. However, Leon’s sister through Christine Brown, Mykelti Padron recently talked about them on her Patreon. Mykelti shared details of Meri’s catfish scandal and how Leon had heard their mother on the phone in an intimate manner. This led Mykelti to feel that Meri had really been the one to give up on her marriage first. However, it seems everyone is trying to move on and live their best lives.

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