Mykelti Padron Breaks Silence On Meri Brown’s Cheating

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Mykelti Padron is breaking her silence about Meri Brown’s cheating scandal. Her father, Kody’s former first wife was embroiled in a catfishing situation that rocked the family. However, Meri alleged that it was Kody who pushed her away to a very dark place. Because of this, she sought online comfort. Yet, it did not turn out the way that she had anticipated and now Mykelti has some choice words for Meri. Read on for more details.

Mykelti Padron Breaks Silence On Meri Brown’s Cheating

Now that Mykelti Padron and her husband, Tony have their own Patreon, no one knew what to expect. They have a fairly good relationship with her father Kody. His fourth and only wife, Robyn was even at the birth of their twin boys so it was unlikely that the couple would talk poorly of them. Yet, they definitely had no problem being open about his former first wife, Meri Brown. According to People, Mykelti and Tony answered questions about Meri’s notorious catfishing incident.

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They went live for their Patrons and @withoutacrystalball had this pivotal moment captured. Essentially, Mykelti Padron claimed that, because Meri cheated, she gave up on the marriage first. “When you cheat on someone, you’re giving up first. If you’re going to cheat on your spouse, you’re giving up on the relationship first. It’s unfair for her to get mad at Dad when she gave up. She threw the towel in. She said, ‘I’m done.’ She cheated first,” Mykelti explained.

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The relationship never went anywhere as the person Meri was speaking to turned out to be a woman. However, that does not change the fact that Meri was unfaithful, at least to Mykelti. “[Meri’s child Leon] heard them on the phone having intimate conversations over the phone. And if you’re sexting or verbal sexting or whatever, that’s cheating. That’s still cheating,” Mykelti revealed. It would make sense that Mykelti would have strong feelings about Meri as her brother, Paedon was quite verbal about her, as well.

An Abusive History

Mykelti Padron’s brother, Paedon Brown was told not to speak about Meri. However, it seems that he did not care when he went on the circuit and said whatever he wanted. Recently, he opened up about how Meri was allegedly physically abusive. More so, there were witnesses who saw this go down in Big Bear. Yet, if it had come out when it occurred, the show ran the risk of being canceled. After that, it appeared that Paedon had been told to stop as he canceled an interview shortly thereafter. What will happen with Mykelti now that she has opened her mouth?

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