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Robyn Brown Linked To Meri Being Catfished?

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Sister Wives fans have decoded Robyn Brown’s link to Meri Brown being catfished. For years, Meri’s relationship with Kody Brown has been estranged and the catfishing incident added to the strain. However, several fans now claim that Robyn always had knowledge of Meri being trapped by her catfish. Of course, she chose not to say anything. So, how did Robyn know about Meri Brown’s scandal? Keep reading to find out the details!

Robyn Brown Robbed Meri Of Her Top Wife Status

Meri Brown has struggled with fertility and only has one child which was a cause of disappointment for Kody. Although Meri worked and aided the family financially just like Janelle did, it wasn’t enough for the Brown family patriarch. At the start, Meri enjoyed the legal wife status. However, after Robyn entered the family, she had to give it up so that Kody could adopt Robyn’s children.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

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Ever since then, Meri has been continually ignored and pushed out emotionally by Kody. Although a few people were surprised by Meri seeking an emotional affair with a stranger online, it was surely a possibility given how Kody rejected her for years. During her online relationship, she thought she was talking to a man named Sam. However, it turned out that it was a woman who was messaging Meri.

Robyn Brown Chose Not To Tell Meri She Was Being Catfished

Now, sources suggested that Robyn Brown was aware of the incident all along and did nothing to stop it. Recently, Without A Crystal Ball, Katie Joy, took to her Instagram to share details of how Robyn knew about Meri’s catfishing incident while she was going through it.

She wrote, “Back in 2015, Meri Brown got involved with a woman that catfished her. The woman, Jackie Overton, pretended to be a man. She also had another personality ‘Lindsay.’”

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Credit: Katie Joy/ @withoutacrystalball Instagram

Katie Joy explained that Lindsay was an active member of a Facebook group being run by Robyn Brown and her friend Kendra Pollard which was meant for Sister Wives fans. Both Robyn and Kendra learned early on that Meri was being catfished and that Sam wasn’t real. However, they chose not to tell Meri.

Robyn Brown Ripped Off Her Sister Wives Financially

Back in 2015, InTouch even published a cover that explained the whole plot with a source confirming Robyn was aware of the details. This benefitted Robyn who had been Kody’s favorite wife. Moreover, through the years, she has also ripped off her former sister wives while leaving them dry financially. She owns a lavish house while Janelle is struggling to build her own.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

[Source: YouTube]

Although Meri was smart enough not to have Robyn or Kody’s name in her business deed, she was also ripped off her earnings from selling her Las Vegas house. The same applied to Janelle.

Do you think Robyn Brown really knew that Meri was being catfished? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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