Meri Brown Was Being Controlled, Gains Her Power Back?

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Has Meri Brown spent the last ten years feeling powerless and controlled? The extension of her joint statement confirming the end of her marriage to Kody suggests that might just be the case. What did the Sister Wives star say about power exactly? How was she being controlled? Keep reading for the details.

Meri Brown and Kody are officially over

Meri and Kody Brown took to Instagram at the same time to break their silence on the status of their relationship. Turns out, the two had a lot of open dialogue following the Tell-All. And, they decided their marriage could not be saved. With the way the Tell-All was “heavily edited,” Meri and Kody explained they had no choice but to break their silence and speak their truth. They are NOT married anymore. But, they still have love and compassion for each other. And, they will remain friends.

meri brown - kody brown sister wives youtube
meri brown – kody brown sister wives youtube

She said she finally has power again

In their joint statement, the Sister Wives stars referred to the reports of the end of their relationship being confirmed by the Tell-All as “unapproved press releases.” In the extension of her statement, Meri Brown further slammed People Magazine as the OG outlet that caused news the couple had broken up to spread like wildfire. Meri insisted that when the Tell-All was filmed, they were still together. In fact, she claimed they spent several months after the Tell-All wrapped up discussing their relationship. And, it was just today that they decided they were ready to go public on their marriage ending.

“Today I reclaim my power,” she penned at the start of her statement. Then, she proceeded to make it seem as if the “power” she was referring to was only about outlets putting up bogus stories and TLC heavily editing the truth.

Last month’s article by the ‘reputable’ People Magazine quoting me as saying that I had ‘confirmed’ that Kody and I had separated was a complete lie. The information, content, and timing was inaccurate and was based on a highly edited version of events that had been filmed months prior.”

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Fans suspect Meri Brown also regained power from Kody

Meri Brown herself admitted during the Tell-All that she wanted to issue a statement about her relationship status with Kody a long time ago. But, he shut her down and told her no. So, fans suspect Meri also felt like she was regaining power and control of her own life by finally getting to issue the statement she wanted to issue a long time ago.


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Moreover, fans also recall Robyn telling Meri to “hold on” with her. And, fans can’t help but wonder if Robyn had also pressured Meri to stay in the marriage as well.

Do you think Robyn and Kody reprived Meri of her power? Was she finally a free woman? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.


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