IT’S OVER: Kody & Meri Brown Confirm Spiritual Termination

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Kody and Meri Brown have finally broken their silence and issued an official statement on whether they are reconciling or if their marriage is over. Both TLC stars took to their Instagram profiles to share the same official statement with their followers. Technically, Kody Brown published the statement about a minute or two before Meri also published the statement to her own profile.

Are Kody and Meri Brown going to fix their relationship? Or, are they spiritually divorced?

Kody and Meri Brown break silence: Terminating their spiritual marriage

The Sister Wives Season 17 Tell-All had fans convinced Meri and Kody were no longer together. During the Tell-All, Meri watched a clip of Kody telling the cameras he no longer felt married to Meri Brown. In fact, he all but admitted he would help her pack her bags if she found a new man she wanted to go be with.

During the Tell-All, Kody shockingly admitted he wanted to work things out with Meri. But, Christine shut him down and “went crazy” over the idea. When speaking to Meri, she explained she had no idea Kody ever thought about working things out with her. Likewise, she also didn’t know why Christine would want to force Kody to pump his brakes on working things out with Meri.

Sister Wives - YouTube
Sister Wives – YouTube

Sadly, fans of the TLC series were frustrated as Meri still seemed unsure of what she wanted or if she was leaving Kody. Meri still loved Kody and if he would take her back, it appeared as if she would go running toward him. Meri, however, also admitted to recognizing that Kody has made it pretty clear he’s done. And, if he’s decided it is over. Can Meri really do anything to save it?

The former TLC couple blast unwanted press

In their official statement, Kody and Meri explain they’ve decided to “tell their truth” because of a slew of unapproved press about their relationship. Fans can only assume they are referring to all of the press regarding their relationship ending because of what was said during the Tell-All.

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The statement explained that after “more than a decade” of them coming together and trying to mend their relationship, they’ve decided to terminate their spiritual marriage to each other.

The statement went on to note they planned to move forward with “forgiveness, grace, and love.” Moreover, they said they were committed to being kind and respectful to each other for the sake of their family.

Sister Wives fans react to Kody and Meri’s official split

It has been less than 30 minutes since the official statement popped up on Kody and Meri’s Instagram profiles. But, fans wasted no time reacting to the official termination of their spiritual marriage in the comments.

On Meri’s statement, there was a lot of love for her in the comments as most admitted they’ve been waiting years for her to officially end things with Kody Brown. Kody, on the other hand, was not met with the same love. He was blasted as a control freak who drove all of his wives away.


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Some fans corrected noting that “we” wasn’t the right word to use as it was painfully clear Meri didn’t really want to leave him.

Are you shocked Meri and Kody Brown issued an official statement regarding terminating their spiritual marriage? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. I am really curious if all this is real. it all came down at a time the ratings were bad. Is this for real? I know this for sure Kody is either taking something or drinking. He does not seem himself but maybe this is his old self. I do not trust Kody. His wives have paid a price to be with this man. All of them will have scars for ever. A bully should never marry. And Kody is a bully

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