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Christine, Janelle & Meri Brown Strip Ex-Husband Kody Of $6M

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Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown are capable of stripping their ex-husband Kody Brown of as much as $6M in potential income thanks to their decision to split from him. As TvShowsAce has highlighted in a few different pieces, all three of these women have been working hard on their revenge bodies. Meri Brown recently flaunted a fresh makeup style on her face. Likewise, Janelle and Christine Brown have been dropping pounds like crazy. Fans admit they can’t blame these lovely women for feeling themselves as it must’ve felt great to drop 200 pounds of toxic energy on their way out the door.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, a PR expert admits that Kody is really going to be feeling the split in his wallet and all three of his ex-wives stand to be way better off financially after making the decision to leave him. The PR expert explains that even their contracts with TLC would end up being more beneficial for them financially as they are no longer pouring into the family fund.

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Kody Brown stands to be stripped of as much as $6M

The PR expert goes on to tell the media outlet that Kody Brown stands to lose as much as $6M in potential income as each of his lovely ex-wives could easily net between $800K and $2M annually thanks to their decision to split from him.

Using brand partnerships, selling products, and sponsorships, each of the wives can easily net anywhere from $800K to $2M that they wouldn’t be legally required to share with Kody Brown as they were never legally married to him.

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While the PR expert doesn’t know the terms of their contract with TLC, he goes on to explain the women also have the door wide open to request more money from the network now that they are separate from Kody. Turns out, being single will work in their favor as it is wildly appealing to a lot of different brands and sponsorships. Moreover, the drama surrounding the show has also made Sister Wives a relatable hot topic.

People can relate to [the Sister Wives] and especially people who are going through tough times. People who are going through separations and bad relationships relate to them.”

In addition to all of this, it is also just standard practice for income to go up any time a contract is renewed. So, things could look very different for these ladies when the time comes to renew their contracts with TLC.

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  1. Mary had been legally married to to him for many years and then legally divorced him. She can get his retirement funds and his social security. They are all could make him sell the land and demand their cuts.

    1. This is absolutely awesome!!! Where giving Kodey his worst nightmare (POVERTY).
      Well Kotex enjoy the poor ppl, as we hate for you to Cry oh robyn will do the hat for you it like a knife in your other kidney right?)

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