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Meri Brown Tells Fans Not To Limit Their Dreams

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Sister Wives cast member, Meri Brown has been through some tough times. Her marriage with Kody Brown failed after years of trying to repair it. As fans watched her try to get Kody’s love and affection back, she failed time and time again. Kody even told her that romance and intimacy were for people who were in love. When Kody and Meri split up, of course, it was shocking, but fans knew it would happen. Fans hope that Meri Brown will continue to stay strong through it all.

Meri Brown Shares 2023 Views With Fans

With all of our favorite celebrities posting about the New Year, Meri Brown wanted to share some thoughts of her own. She told her fans in a new Instagram post, “As we begin 2023, my thoughts have been a lot on dreams. Not the ones we have at night, but our core dreams, the ones we want to make into reality, the goals and passions we all carry. Why do so many of us limit our dreams? Who told us we have to put a lid on those dreams, that we’re not worthy of the life we want, the goal we want, the house, the vacation, the dream job?”

Meri Brown- Instagram
Meri Brown- Instagram

Meri went on, “Every one of us is WORTHY of what we want. It’s not selfish to have a dream, desire, or goal. Do you know what your dream even is? If you don’t, I challenge you to start thinking about it, writing about it. Once you give yourself permission to dream, start doing something every day that gets you a little closer to it. It may take a month, a year, or 10 years. The time is going to pass anyway, so you may as well fulfill yourself and your life by working toward your dream. Are you willing to do the work to accomplish your dream?”

Pushing Her Fans To Succeed

As Meri Brown continued to share her thoughts with her fans, she wanted to challenge them to follow their dreams. She ended by telling her fans, “Challenge yourself this year to pick something and work daily toward it. You’re worth working toward your goals and dreams. You got this!” After her fans read this post, they applauded her for challenging fans. It looks as if she is moving forward in her life now too. Could Kody leaving her be the best thing to happen to her?

Meri Brown- TLC
Meri Brown- TLC

As viewers watched Sister Wives, they all pushed for Meri Brown to leave Kody once and for all. As soon as Kody announced their split, Meri’s fans were happy for her. However, many fans thought that the split was one-sided. Will Meri Brown continue to try to get back with him or is this finally the end for her? Meri’s fans hope that she uses her own advice and follows her new dreams.



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