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Kody Brown Pinpoints When Marriage With Meri Went South

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Kody Brown is finally spilling when his marriage to Meri went south. Though many will say it was when she got catfished, that is simply not the case. He has actually maintained that incident was the nail in the coffin for the couple. At the time, she needed something that he could not give her. Therefore, she sought peace online and ended up in a bad situation. Furthermore, she asked him to leave so she could have space. Meri never expected Kody Brown to not return. Now he is opening up about how long their marriage has been fractured. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Pinpoints When Marriage With Meri Went South

Meri wed Kody Brown in 1990 when she was just nineteen. At the time, they seemed very much in love but knew that there would be more wives as that was what they wanted. However, trouble struck sooner rather than later. It only intensified when Meri’s former sister-in-law, Janelle became Kody’s second wife. That occurred in 1993. The two had a very rocky relationship and it only got better with the addition of a young and hopeful Christine the following year. So, what took the sweet promising couple from happiness to hate?

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Kody told host Sukanya Krishnan that it was almost weird from the start. They lived in Meri’s house and then they had Janelle so he equated it to bringing her into the same bed. He alleges that the struggle actually started when they came from the honeymoon period. That was when the marriage began to break down. Further struggles included not buying the right bread and nylons, for example. Yet, he did say that once the actual family was created with the children, it did level out.

The End Of It All

In 2014, Meri divorced Kody Brown so that he could wed his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. He wanted to be able to legally adopt her three children from a prior marriage. This was when the romance officially died and the two have never been the same. He had repeatedly said he is not interested in anything with Meri. However, she has consistently taken table scraps from Kody, which has angered fans to no end. She was frustrated when Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine announced she was leaving the family.

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Many believed that Meri was just envious that Christine had the courage to do what she never could. Finally, as of the Season 17 tell-all, Meri and Kody had split. It seems Meri finally got the message that this was never going to work out and she can move on to bigger and better things. She can find happiness away from Kody Brown and on her own terms.

Do you think Kody Brown really fell out of love that early with Meri or is his ego just really bruised? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sundays on TLC.

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