Maddie Brush Shares What Hubby, Caleb, Wanted For His Birthday

Maddie Brush- Instagram

Sister Wives fans were always so happy to see Maddie Brush. Being the daughter of Janelle and Kody Brown, Maddie lived her life in the spotlight for years. It has been quite a few years since she was a regular cast member. Maddie and her husband, Caleb Brush have been raising a family of their own and they really enjoy being parents. Maddie continues to share posts of her family and recently she shared a picture of her family. In this photo, they were celebrating Caleb’s birthday.

Maddie’s Birthday Post

In a new Instagram Story, Maddie Brush shared a photo of herself with her family. They are all sitting on the couch and eating popcorn. Maddie captioned the Story, “Caleb wanted a family night at home for his bday. So here we are.”

Maddie Brush- Instagram
Maddie Brown- Instagram

This post was very sweet and Maddie’s fans were quick to share their thoughts on it. Of course, there was a lot of positive feedback from fans. These fans were happy to see the family on the couch just enjoying time together. On the couch, fans saw their daughter, Evie, and their son, Axel. They are smiling and look very happy to be with Caleb on his special day.

Caleb doesn’t post very frequently on social media, but when he does, he speaks about his family pretty often. Maddie Brush uses her Instagram to promote her Plexus business, whereas Caleb likes to share family photos. He did share a post about Maddie’s birthday on her special day and she returned the favor for him this past week.

Maddie Brush Expecting Baby No. 3

Maddie and Caleb have two children already and she is expecting one more very soon. In a post from December 27, 2022, she shared with her fans that she was 33 weeks pregnant and ready for the new baby! She captioned the video, “33 weeks and some change over here. I think I’m bigger than I have ever been but I have soooo much energy and I’m feeling great besides feeling giant.”

She got a lot of positive feedback about how beautiful she looked. Her fans told her that she looked “gorgeous” and that she was “glowing with love.” Other fans wrote, “You look great! How exciting. And energy at 33 weeks? Girl, that’s amazing lol with both my kids, at 33 weeks, I just wanted to sleep all day. That’s great that you have energy and feeling good!”

Maddie Brush- Instagram
Maddie Brush- Instagram

Many of Maddie’s fans have started to follow her due to her Plexus business. She and her mother, as well as Christine Brown, promote the health company. This company promotes weight loss and they have done very well. Maddie’s main income seems to be from Plexus. As they grow their family, it looks as if she will need this income.

Maddie’s fans are excited for her and Caleb to welcome the new baby and you can find updates here at Tv Shows Ace.

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