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Maddie Brush Gives Update: ‘Bigger Than I’ve Ever Been’ See Pic

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Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush took to Instagram with a 33-week baby update. With her due date fast approaching, her 499K followers agree her belly looks like it is ready to POP. Caleb Brush’s very pregnant wife was absolutely glowing as she showed off her baby bump and shared an update with her followers. In the caption, she admitted that she’s currently bigger than she’s ever been in her entire life. But, she’s loving every minute of it.

Maddie Brush Gives Baby Update “Bigger Than I’ve Ever Been”

TLC personality Maddie Brush took to Instagram recently to give a video update on her baby bump. As those following her pregnancy know, she’s currently 33 weeks along. So, this is very much the last stretch of her pregnancy and she certainly looks like she’s ready to POP!

Maddie was rocking a snug, thin black shirt that hugged her beautiful baby bump and her engorged bosom in all the right places. Despite being 33 weeks pregnant, she appeared to be wide-eyed and bushy-tailed in the video.

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She penned in the caption attached to the video: “33 weeks and some change over here. I think I’m bigger than I have ever been but I have soo much energy and I’m still feeling great beside feeling giant.”

Her Followers React To Her Video

In the few hours since the video has been on her profile, her followers have liked the video over 14K times and left over 200 comments. Unsurprisingly, Sister Wives fans were more than a little excited to get a baby update that included a video of her baby bump.

Here’s some of what her followers had to say in response to the video:

  • “Beautiful Maddie!! My all time fav! We are friends in real life you just don’t know it yet lol. Blessings to you mama.”
  • “So pretty! because you don’t have pregnancy face I thought you were going to step back with the baby in your hand lol.”
  • “You look great. How exciting. And energy at 33 weeks?! Girl, that’s amazing lol with both my kids, at 33 weeks I just wanted to sleep all day. That’s great that you have energy and feeling good!”


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Many fans admit that because her face didn’t look puffy or pregnant, they assumed she had already given birth and this video would feature her with a baby in her arms.

Overall, fans were in awe of how incredible she looked and how much energy she had at 33 weeks pregnant.

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