‘Sister Wives:’ Leon Brown Breaks Silence After Coming Out Trans

Leon Brown from Instagram

Earlier this summer, Sister Wives star Leon Brown shared their truth with the world. They announced they identified as transgender and genderqueer and seem to really love life these days.

Before coming out, Leon didn’t post much on Instagram. But now, they’re sharing more often. Keep reading to see what Leon has said since they came out.

Leon Brown & Audrey Kriss share affection on social media

For many years, Leon Brown struggled to find their true identity. They were raised in a strict conservative religious environment, so there wasn’t a lot of room to explore. But as an adult, Leon couldn’t be happier. They’re in love and confident in their public identity. And fans also enjoy seeing Leon express themself.

Leon Brown from Instagram
Leon Brown/Instagram

This week, Leon, their partner Audrey, and some of their other friends went on some adventures. The TLC star described it as a “day for the soul.” It’s not immediately clear what the group did that day, but it seemed like everyone had a great time.

Now, Leon and Audrey just can’t stop sharing adorable photos of each other. Fans are excited to see more.

“I like blue skies & you,” Leon captioned their cute Instagram post. They attached a photo of themselves and Audrey peeking at the camera with the beautiful blue sky behind them.

Leon Brown from Instagram
Leon Brown/Instagram

Leon restricted commenting, so only specific people can leave messages on the photo. Audrey wrote back “luv you.” Additionally, Logan Brown’s fiancee Michelle Petty left heart eye emojis on the photo.

Publicly coming out to the world as transgender can be incredibly daunting, but Leon isn’t letting it phase them. They’re just content to be true to themself.

Will the couple walk down the aisle this year?

Audrey and Leon have been fan favorites for several seasons now. But since both of them are publically out and transgender now, some fans hope they will focus on themselves and stay away from TLC. For the past several seasons, the Brown family has been a bit dysfunctional. It’s not really the best environment for a happy couple.

Season 17 returns to TLC on September 11, 2022. It’s widely believed that the season will heavily focus on Christine and Kody’s fallout and eventual divorce. But there is always room for other storylines too. Maybe this year, Leon and Audrey will really get the fairytale wedding they truly deserve.

Sister Wives fans really love Leon and Audrey’s relationship. If you want to keep up with the couple, follow TV Shows Ace online to see what happens with the pair next. They’ve both been more active on social media these days, so check back for more information.

Season 17 will be here before you know it, so don’t miss out on a single story.

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