‘Sister Wives:’ Are Logan Brown & Michelle Petty Married Yet?

Logan Brown from Instagram

Logan Brown is the oldest of Kody Brown’s children. However, he’s not yet married and he doesn’t commonly make appearances on his family’s social media pages.

So where is the oldest Brown child? Does he have any plans to get married? Keep reading to see what we know.

Logan Brown might be hearing wedding bells sooner than we think

Logan Brown and Michelle Petty are engaged — and this actually happened quite some time ago. Sister Wives fans first heard of their engagement back in 2017. However, it still doesn’t seem like they’ve tied the knot yet.

Logan Brown & Michelle Petty/TLC

But even so, wedding bells might be happening sooner than we think!

Recently Janelle Brown posted on Instagram that Logan and Michelle paid the family a visit. They don’t live near the rest of the Browns any longer, so it’d been some time since they all saw Logan and his fiancee.

“Had a chance to meet up with these two in Phoenix recently,” Janelle captioned the photo of the pair. “Always a fun thing when the kids call and say ‘mom we are going to be in town!'”

In the comments, many fans wondered whether or not Logan and Michelle had already married. But Michelle set the record straight. She reports that she and Logan plan to wed later on this year.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

So get ready! It looks like we will be seeing another Brown family wedding before we know it. When do you think it will be? Be sure to leave your guesses in the comments so we can see what you think.

What do we know about Logan and Michelle’s lives together?

At this point, Sister Wives fans know that Logan Brown is a pretty private person compared with most of his family members. If you follow the other Brown family members online, you probably won’t see Logan often. You’ll have to do some digging if you want information on him.

We did note that several years ago, Michelle Petty donated a kidney to a stranger. They may lead quieter lives than the rest of the Sister Wives crew, but it appears that they have very generous hearts.

Today, it seems like Michelle’s own social media channels are set to private mode. But her Twitter bio reads, “UNLV alum || BA ‘15 • MA ‘18, amateur home brewer, overzealous cat mom, hard rock enthusiast, kidney donor.” It really seems like Logan Brown managed to find someone special. 

If you want to learn more about the Brown family, be sure to follow us online. We’ll be sure to give you more information on Logan Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives crew as soon as we know more. Keep checking back with us for more news on the wedding too!

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