‘Sister Wives’ Leon Brown Shares Bonding Day With Family

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Sister Wives star Leon Brown is sharing their bonding day with their little family. They do not share much on social media anymore but when they do, it is always something fun or different. So, who was Leon with and where did they go? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Leon Brown Shares Bonding Day With Family

Leon Brown and their partner, Audrey Kriss are living their best lives together. They have not talked about a wedding since the pandemic. Literally right before the world shut down, the two were looking at locations with their families to hold a reception. However, that did not happen and they ended up helping at Leon’s mother, Meri’s B&B in Parowan, Utah. Leon’s grandma Bonnie had been running it but, due to her age, it was safer for her to head to Flagstaff with Meri. That was when Leon and Audrey took over and it allowed Leon to become much closer to their mother.

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Then, they resurfaced for their brother, Logan Brown’s wedding to Michelle Petty. This was a true family affair and a special moment as just a short time later, the Brown family fell apart. Leon Brown’s father, Kody had four wives but Christine left in early 2021 with Meri and Janelle leaving in late 2022. In January of this year, Leon proudly showed off how they had gotten top surgery in a TikTok video. They were making coffee and dancing around. Now, they are showing off a fun day with their family and they are as happy as ever.

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With Audrey by their side, Leon Brown took to Instagram to share the day out they recently had. Audrey wore a baseball cap while Leon’s brown curls flowed in a loose mullet. In the caption, they wrote: “sunday hike with my lil family.” In the three photo slides, there was a snap of the green trees as well as two pups intertwined. Fans loved what they saw. “So much love in this lil family ❤️❤️,” one wrote. Another added: “YOURE SO CUTE.” It has over 8K likes.

Leon’s Next Adventure

The next time fans will likely see Leon Brown with their large family is at their sister Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding in July. According to Gwen, there is only one family member who has been left off the guest list and it’s not Leon. It would make sense that Leon and Audrey would go to the wedding as Audrey and Gwen are very supportive of one another. They are always leaving positive messages on each other’s posts especially after Gwen came out as bisexual. She will wed Beatriz Queiroz in just two months.

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