‘BIP’ Season 9: Jesse Palmer Hints Return Of Geometry Beach

BIP Jesse Palmer

Jesse Palmer says Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 is going to be a wild ride. In fact, he is hinting at the return of geometry beach. During Season 8, Johnny DePhillipo deemed it “geometry beach” because of all the love triangles and squares that were forming on the beach. What did Jesse have to say about this upcoming season? Keep reading to find out more.

Jesse Palmer hints return of geometry beach

BIP host Jesse Palmer spoke with Life & Style where he hinted geometry beach would be returning. He said fans would possibly be seeing “love squares” forming on Season 9. Last season when Johnny introduced the term he said, “There’s love triangles and there’s hexagons. It’s like geometry beach, baby. Right now, geometry beach is being taught by Logan.”

Jesse said, “It has been a very active beach – lots of movement. I think there were times last season where couples established really early and then [contestants] just rode the season through this year. There’s a lot of this going on.” He continued saying, “I would have a board with faces and a marker and, and that you can erase and just every week you’re gonna have to reshuffle your board because it’s a lot to keep track of.”

While the official cast list has not been publicly disclosed, a few have gotten out. Even Jesse confirmed that there will be fan favorites and maybe even two or more leads. These contestants are all looking for another shot at love.

BIP Couple almost married


Not only will there be more geometry beach, but Jesse also teased that there will be couples forming that nobody would ever match together. He said, “There will be connections that form on the beach that people at home will never guess at the start of the year. When you look at the roster after day one, you’ll go, ‘There’s no way.’ And then you’ll be very shocked, come the final day of Paradise who ends up together.”

If fans have been paying attention to who wanted to meet who on social media and know the back stories of the cast then it will all just come together.

Bachelor in Paradise continues to have the most long-term successful couples form. Will this season bring even more successful love stories? Fans will see it all play out this fall on ABC.

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Are you excited for BIP to return? Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation faves.

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