Jamie Otis Says Postpartum Depression Made Her Suicidal

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Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis shared that her postpartum depression after her son was born made her suicidal and doubt her husband. Postpartum hit her so hard that she believed Doug Hehner cheated on her. What did she share with fans? Keep reading to find out more.

Jamie Otis Says Postpartum Depression Made Her Doubt Doug

Bachelor and MAFS alum Jamie Otis got candid about the postpartum depression she experienced after having her son Hendrix. Now, Jamie is expecting identical twin baby boys and is concerned and very aware she could go through postpartum depression again.

She opened up to US Weekly about what she went through. Jamie said, “I had a really, really, really tough time postpartum with my son. I had such bad postpartum depression and I’m a labor and delivery nurse. I recognized the symptoms and I knew that my thoughts were very irrational and I recognized that it was happening, but I couldn’t figure out how to help myself.”

She went on to say, “My life was great, but yet I was suicidal and it didn’t make any sense and I knew that in my heart, I knew that that wasn’t rational, but yet I couldn’t stop the feelings. I think that the one thing that you can do if you’re pregnant and you’re trying to avoid postpartum depression, at least based on my previous experience, is to ask for help.”

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Jamie says she was so overwhelmed and stressed. Now she understands that it is okay to need help and allow someone else to take care of the baby so a new mother can rest.

How Jamie was feeling made her have irrational thoughts. She convinced herself that Doug was cheating on her.

Jamie Otis Gender Reveal YOutube

She Really Grew Suspicious

Jamie Otis admits that Doug has always dawdled doing anything so when he was gone more or longer she got suspicious. Her suspicions grew even more when she found a mask in his car. Turns out it was the nanny’s. Through it all Doug adamantly denied it.

Jamie said, “You can take those signs and you can really develop a story in your own mind. … But, thankfully, we also had a therapist who was like, ‘OK, Jamie,’ and she was able to be the outside perspective.”

Once Jamie began to come out of her depression she started seeing how irrational some of her fears had been.

Doug praises his wife saying that she has overcome a lot in her life.

The couple continues to share their story with fans. They feel their fans have been with them since day one and they have no plans to shut them out now.

What do you think about Jamie dealing with postpartum depression after Hendrix was born?

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