Jamie Otis Gets STUNNING Makeover Amid Marriage Crisis [PHOTO]

Jamie Otis/YouTube

Married At First Sight alum Jamie Otis just got a STUNNING makeover amid marriage trouble. Stay on this page to see the photos of her transformation.

Trouble in paradise for MAFS couple

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner are among the OGs of Lifetime’s Married At First Sight. The two met and married during Season 1 back in 2014.

Jamie Otis via YouTube
Jamie Otis via YouTube

However, shortly after marking seven years together, Hehner and Otis found themselves struggling in their marriage. The couple opened up on social media about their marital problems, revealing they were going to counseling and fighting for their marriage.

The way they’ve chosen to do so is unconventional, but fans hope it works for them. What did they do?

Huge life changes

Amid marriage troubles, Jamie Otis and her husband decided to uproot their small family and move into an even smaller RV. How is RV living going for the Bachelor alum, Hehner, and their kids, Henley and Hendrix?

Credit: Jamie Otis/Instagram
Credit: Jamie Otis/Instagram

Doug Hehner revealed on his Instagram earlier this week that they are all going through an adjustment period. In the meantime, Jamie Otis decided to shake things up her marriage even more with a fresh makeover.

Jamie Otis gets stunning makeover amid marriage crisis

In a revealing Instagram post on Saturday, October 30, Jamie Otis made a vulnerable confession. She told her 800k followers that she “let herself go.” The television personality then documented her trip to a new hair salon for a new look.

Credit: Jamie Otis/Instagram
Credit: Jamie Otis/Instagram

In a lengthy post, Otis reveals that part of the new chapter in her life is to prioritize “my husband, daughter, son ….and ME.” To that end, she revamped her mousy brown hair into a blonde bombshell. Click here to watch the full video.

Credit: Jamie Otis/Instagram
Credit: Jamie Otis/Instagram

Doug Hehner reacts to his wife’s new look

The hair makeover video garnered over 1,000 comments of approval. Here is a small sampling of what her followers thought of her new look:

  • You look great! Love this color!
  • Love it
  • You’re adorable! Love it!
  • Loveeee it

Social media users clearly love Jamie’s new look, but what does her husband think?

Doug Hehner posted a video of Otis on his Instagram Stories after shopping for Halloween costumes. On the video, her husband wrote “Sexy A.F. with new hair color.”

Credit: Doug Hehner/Instagram
Credit: Doug Hehner/Instagram

Her husband approves. What do you think of the stunning makeover Jamie Otis shared with fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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