’90 Day Fiance’ Johnny Chao In America, Finally Meets Ella Johnson

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90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Ella Johnson wanted to meet her love from China, Johnny Chao so badly. They had many stumbling blocks ahead of them. There was a pandemic and he had a son plus his parents who he supported. Yet, he seemed to want to make it work as badly as she did. Unfortunately, it never came to fruition and fans were always left wondering. Now, they need to wonder no more. Read on for more details.

90 Day Fiance Johnny Chao In America, Finally Meets Ella Johnson

Ella Johnson fell in love with Johnny Chao online and together, they formed a really sweet relationship. He had planned to come to America from China to be with Ella. However, this meant that he was giving up an amazing job that supported his son and his parents who took care of his little boy. Unfortunately, there was a pandemic that was raging so it severely impacted their travel plans. They had thought about meeting in another country but Johnny appeared to be wavering. He could not understand why Ella could not just wait a little bit longer.

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Then she was intimate with someone else yet he forgave her on the tell-all which no one could understand. As it turned out, Ella Johnson and Johnny Chao actually had an open relationship. They still wanted to keep trying but as time went by, Ella went on to focus on herself. She went on a weight loss journey and fans were amazed. Her followers were also curious if she and Johnny had met. Now, there are answers. Ella recently shared a photo on her Instagram stories of the two of them smiling and happy.

Johnny Chao, Ella Johnson-Instagram
Johnny, Ella-Instagram

It seems that they finally got their happy ending whether they will have a romantic relationship or just a good friendship. One of her friends, Jenny reposted the picture of Ella Johnson and Johnny Chao. She said she was so happy to see this chapter of Ella’s life unfold. More so, she gave the couple a “shout-out” for finally getting to be together in person. Ella went on to thank her good friend for being so supportive throughout all of this. She also added, in another repost, that she was so happy that Johnny made his way to America.

What’s Next?

It is unclear what is next for Johnny Chao and Ella Johnson. All they have posted is this singular photo of the two of them. She has not updated her actual Instagram since May. Fans of the two can only hope that she will keep them posted for the rest of his journey in America. At least he was able to make it over to see Ella and make her dreams come true.

Are you shocked that they finally connected? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Sundays on TLC.


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