‘Before The 90 Days’: Ella And Johnny’s True Relationship Revealed?

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Part two of Before the 90 Days Season 5 tell-all is airing tonight. All of the couples shared their journeys and where they stood. One couple who was seemingly staying on track was Ella Johnson and Johnny. However, there was more to their relationship than what viewers actually saw.

Before The 90 Days Introduces Ella And Johnny

Viewers met Ella in Season 5 of Before the 90 Days. She was actively seeking love and she thought she had found it in Johnny from China. He was a single father who was supporting his parents. Luckily, they were taking care of his son while he traveled for work. He and Ella had met online and they had formed a very deep connection. Apparently, he had made the commitment to come to America to be with her but the pandemic threatened to derail their plans. Furthermore, his parents were nervous about him not having a job thus being unable to support them. This scared Ella as she was desperate to be with Johnny and was hopeful they could start their lives together.

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As the time for him to come to see her grew closer, she started to doubt this so she ended up inviting a friend over. This resulted in her cheating on Johnny. He soon revealed he would be postponing his plans for about seven months and she shared she had been unfaithful. Ultimately, he forgave her and everything was fine between them. Then they met up at the reunion, with him on video chat. Her castmates roasted her for hurting Johnny and cheating on him. However, they started to wonder if that was a one-time occurrence.

The Truth Behind Ella

Before the 90 Days host, Shaun Robinson brought up Ella’s birthday, and apparently, she had a man fly in. He ended up staying with her in her home which Johnny claimed he did not know. This hurt him but she maintained nothing happened between the two of them. They are going to stay together and he was said to be here by February 2021. John Yates shared an update on Ella, which she had shared on her Instagram. Apparently, Ella and Johnny had an open relationship all along. However, she could not share this information so she had to just take whatever the cast threw at her. Thus, she technically had never even cheated on Johnny.

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Luckily, fans of the couple can keep up with them on the spinoff 90 Day Diaries. Yates is not a fan of Ella and this is a common theme with many viewers. “And yet, an open relationship was never mentioned on the show,” one follower noted. Another added: “I don’t recall Johnny ever agreeing to an open relationship.”

Do you think this is true or is Ella just trying to save face? Let us know in the comments.


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