‘Before the 90 Days’ Season 5 Tell-All Part 2 Highlights- April 10

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Last week on part one of the Before the 90 Days tell-all, the cast reunited to relive Season 5. Gino came under fire for not giving Jasmine enough love and possibly cheating. At the same time, Kimberly learned about Sojaboy calling Zara. This is a claim he has since challenged. Now, it all concludes with the rest of the cast opening up about their time on the show and anything can happen. Part two begins now.

Usman Gets Mad At Before the 90 Days

Kimberly has walked off the stage as she is livid learning Usman ‘Sojaboy’ called Zara. He is clapping at her to listen to him and telling her to calm down but she is out. Luckily, she has her son, Jamal to attempt to calm her down. She says she will address this at a later time and eventually comes back to the set. Jamal and Kim say they saw a connection between Sojaboy and Zara but he starts to yell at them. He claims being with Zara would be easy and cheating would be easy but maintains he wouldn’t cheat. Jasmine says the stuff with the exes needs to stop. Sojaboy maintains he forgot about the call but no one is buying it.

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Ella is there with Johnny and she maintains her love language is touch hence why she cheated. She did not believe Johnny would come and that’s why she strayed. Everyone on the stage thinks she should not be in this type of relationship because of her needs. She claims she would not have been mad if Johnny had cheated but her castmates think this is false. Jasmine questions if the cheating actually happened and it did. Though she maintains she has been faithful since that incident, apparently she had a man fly out for her birthday, what happened?

Ella’s Birthday

Apparently, nothing happened between her and this man that she met online, the same way she met Johnny. He stayed at Ella’s and Johnny had no idea about this. Sojaboy is cracking up via video chat and Kimberly thinks she is lying. Johnny would like to believe her yet it is clear he is leery. While the cast is on lunch, she calls Johnny and apologizes because she claims she just wanted to have a good birthday. He says stills wants to meet her in person so no worries. As of the filming, he was slated to come to America in February.

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Gino and Jasmine may be engaged but it was a rocky road to this because he did some shady stuff. He sent topless photos of Jasmine to an ex. Gino is trying to mansplain this. Apparently, his ex was rubbing in his face about how happy she was so he was sending a bunch of photos to her. He admits he was being immature and as he was selecting the photos, he accidentally chose the topless picture but it happened three times. Shaun Robinson notes his story has now changed so which is correct? It is time for a break so Ben starts to counsel everyone since he was once a pastor. This makes Kim laugh.

Ben’s Before The 90 Days Debacle

Maybe Mahogany filtered her photos but Ben left fans creeped out to excess. She does admit she told Ben she was a year older but she does not know why she did it other than for personal safety. Now comes Jessica (via video) who was concerned about Ben meeting Mahogany. She asks if Mahogany loved him and she admits she was curious about it then she asks about the thousand dollars. He says it was the first time it felt like love in his life so it was worth the money. Yet, Mahogany interjects and says it was a loan so she wants that to be known. She says she saw her provocative photos so why couldn’t she FaceTime Ben?

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Mahogany says the filters were something that made her feel comfortable at twenty. She goes on to add that he wanted to have a date with her on the phone when she was twenty-one and that was too much for her. He was an “old man” in her eyes and he was not ready. Now they show footage of Ben returning to Peru because he has unanswered questions. They were supposed to meet at a restaurant but she never showed. She was at the beach and said she loved him but not in love and she had cleaned out her room. He told her it was over and she became vulnerable so they spent the rest of the trip happily in love.

The Lies

After the montage of their romantic Peru trip plays, some castmates are cheering but Kimberly thinks Mahogany is playing him. Still, Mahogany is mad as she told Ben she did not want any cameras there when she saw him again. Sadly, she is now seeing he filmed the whole experience. Now she feels she has been lied to and, of course, Jessica has to interject. That is okay because Jasmine has Mahogany’s back. She has heard Jessica and Gino have had a messaging thing and that makes her mad. Jessica says she can pull up the conversation Gino started though he maintains she started it.

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In the end, Jessica turns and calls Ben fake yet he calls Jessica dramatic so she calls him a narcissist and delusional. As of now, Ben believes he and Mahogany are back together but she says he needs to prove more. Jessica actually concedes that Mahogany is the victim. She now sees Ben as two-faced, a fraud, selfish, and no longer feels bad for him. In the middle of all of this, Memphis gets up and leaves as she is starting to feel ill from all of the lights. They take a quick break to collect their thoughts and discuss Mike and Ximena’s downfalls.

Things We’ll Never Know Before The 90 Days

Memphis reappears with a mask on and casual clothes. She has gotten really sick so she will be leaving but Hamza has opted to stay for the time being. Sadly, he was not able to be there when the baby was born but got to be there after a month and a week. Onto Mike and Ximena as they are apparently back together. She wants to see that he has changed and his bad habits are gone. Admittedly, she is not in love with him and he knows that but they will still get married. All the cast thinks and his friends, John and Nelsi think he should leave her.

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She is a gold digger, in their minds, in everyone’s mind and this is too much for Ximena so she walks off. Jasmine says she will destroy Mike while there are other girls out there for him. He is still fully providing for her and he is now mad at his friends because he thinks they ruined his chances at a second chance. Ximena says she will try when they go on vacation together while Hamza reminds him to listen to his heart. This ends the journey of Season 5 of Before the 90 Days, for now. Ben thinks the males this year have been really weak and knows his relationship could be over.

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Hamza admits it is hard to be so far away from his family now that he lives here, especially with his responsibilities. He is hopeful he can bring his mother over at some point. Kimberly still struggles with the Zara/Usman situation while Jasmine and Gino might have some work to do. Will Jasmine still want to come to America? Ella feels she and Johnny are the most stable relationship (Hamza and Memphis clearly don’t count). It ends with Mike and Ximena on the phone talking about their upcoming trip.

Who do you think lasted and who is dunzo? Let us know.

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