‘Before The 90 Days’: Gino Pops Question After Violating Jasmine’s Privacy

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Before the 90 Days star, Gino Palazzolo finally took the leap and popped the question to Jasmine Pineda. Viewers are well aware the couple has had a rocky couple of episodes. Gino has not made the best choices when it has come to his girlfriend but she ultimately forgave him. Now, they are celebrating their future and looking ahead.

Before The 90 Days To Betrayal

Jasmine and Gino seemed like an unlikely couple from the start. She prides herself on fitness and fashion. At the same time, she cannot stand the way he dresses, especially his sandals. The two first met online and the chemistry was instant. Of course, he has supported her lifestyle despite both of them being laid off due to the pandemic. He paid for her teeth, hair, and lips despite never actually meeting her. Eventually, the 52-year-old flew to Panama to see his long-distance love. It started out promising until Jasmine, 34 flipped out over Gino tipping the waitress. She felt that was his way of flirting with her. Despite the several miscommunications, the two made up every time and tried to enjoy their time together.

Credit: Gino Palazzolo IG

Things turned quick on Christmas when Jasmine showered Gino with gifts yet his gift to her was an electric toothbrush. He had actually given this to her when he arrived. Ultimately he swept her away on a luxurious vacation but a black cloud would loom over them. Jasmine would soon find out he sent her naked pictures to an ex. It would soon resurface again when she got a message saying these pictures would go all over the internet. He claims he did it to make an ex jealous but Jasmine felt betrayed. The biggest question was could she forgive him?

Forgiven To Forever

After the debacle, which Jasmine said could have cost her the job she loved as a teacher making 3K a month, she went through Gino’s phone. She checked his emails and wanted to know all of the answers as she could not possibly believe him. Eventually, he stormed out but soon, enough, Jasmine chose to forgive him and not end the relationship. According to People Magazine, she came to this decision for a valid reason. “It’s not that I justify what Gino did, but he has become my best friend, my support system, and I love him from bullhead to toe just the way he is. Weird, creepy sometimes, but I also know the sweet, intelligent version of Gino and if that is not love, call it whatever you want, but I’m not giving up on our relationship. I’m not.”

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On the latest episode, Gino got down on one knee, in the rain and popped the question. Initially, there was silence but finally, she said yes. “You make me feel very loved. I’ve never felt so loved before like you love me, and you make me the happiest man,” he said while proposing. Hopefully, there will be no more slip-ups and the couple can live happily ever after.

Do you think Gino and Jasmine have a chance at making it down the aisle? Let us know and watch Before the 90 Days Sunday nights on TLC.

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