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’90 Day Fiance’ Ben Rathbun Arrested, Bond Is Set

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It has been reported that Ben Rathbun was arrested early Tuesday morning. The 90-Day Fiance star’s bond was set at $10,000, but the events leading up to his arrest are still unclear. Here’s what is known right now.

Why Was Ben Rathbun Arrested?

Rathbun was picked up by local authorities Tuesday morning for drunk driving. The charges include operating while under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and driving on a suspended license. Details leading up to the arrest are still unclear but his bond was set at $10,000.

Ben Rathbun

There hasn’t been any news as to whether Rathbun has posted bond and been able to leave jail. See Rathbun’s mugshot at TMZ. His arrest occurred in Michigan, where he resides full-time. However, fans are wondering what his partner from the TLC show is going to think about his arrest.

There haven’t been any reports about whether or not Mahogany was present or even in the country when Rathbun was arrested. The couple’s story has been interesting, to say the least. Most viewers believed Mahogany was catfishing Rathbun and were shocked to discover she was real.

That said, the pair have had their fair share of conflict and downright awkwardness. In fact, Mahogany flat out told Ben that they hadn’t even started dating yet, even though he assumed they were already boyfriend and girlfriend. Viewers and Ben himself have also questioned her authenticity when it comes to what she told him online versus what is true.

Are Ben And Mahogany Still Together?

As of last month, Ben and Mahogany were still dating. Despite some tense conversations on the show about their relationship status and personality conflicts, the couple has been trying their best to work things out. At the end of February, the couple was spotted in Lima, Peru (Mahogany’s native country).

Mahogany has not been shy when confronting Ben about his past failed relationships. At first, she inquired about other younger women he’s dated in the past. He opened up about a 27-year-old that he dated for three years. Ultimately, he said it didn’t work out because she did not accept his children.

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In an exclusive clip, Mahogany replied, “It’s really strange because first, you told me that your first wife didn’t work because it was the religion’s fault. Now you tell me that you went out with a 27-year-old girl but she did not accept your children. So Benjamin is perfect and does absolutely nothing?”

Ben simply replied that he doesn’t feel like he needs to explain his past to her, or anyone for that matter. It isn’t clear how Ben Rathbun plans to address his more recent drunk driving mishap though, nor is it clear how Mahogany will react. Based on their current relationship with each other, anything could happen.

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