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‘Before The 90 Days’ Season 5 Tell-All Part 1 Highlights- April 3

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90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days has had an explosive fifth season. So many interesting, quirky, and out-of-the-box couples, it was almost unbelievable at times. The season finale aired first and was quickly followed by part one of the tell-all hosted by none other than Shaun Robinson. Of course, some couples left their journey very hopeful while others departed their journey feeling hopeless and betrayed. Now it is time to see where they all stand with some of the main highlights from part one.

Before The 90 Days Sees Judgment And The Fun Begins

Everyone begins to arrive on set in New York and many have only seen one another on the show. They have some preconceived notions such as Kimberly who is not a fan of Ella. She thinks she did Johnny wrong by cheating on him. Yet, Kim’s feelings towards Ella get quickly shifted when Ben makes a statement changing the whole trajectory. He claims something like men should be the hunters and alluded that because Kim went after Usman, she became the predator. Viewers who watched him with Mahogany are sure to disagree. Clearly, this will be something that is taken up on stage which is where they are headed. All in attendance know they have a lot to account for and are ready for whatever comes their way.

Before the 90 Days Credit: TLC

*Disclaimer: because Alina Kozhevnikova was let go from the series, she and Caleb Greenwood will not be participating. However, one couple will be together in person while everyone else’s long-distance “partners” are there via video chat. Who will it be?

Memphis and Hamza have come on to the stage together with an interpreter for Hamza. The cast loves them so this is a great moment. Shaun introduces everyone and, as of filming, Mike and Ximena are back together. Jasmine and Gino are first up and she openly admits she fears he is cheating on her every day. Shaun proceeds to ask if he has messaged anyone on the cast and he shares he has spoken to them but that’s it. However, when it comes to Ben’s friend, Jessica, there seem to be some skeletons in his closet.

What’s Gino Hiding?

Shaun presses again about messages to Jessica which has left Jasmine baffled so she wants answers. He claimed he knew nothing then he said she messaged him “hi” and now Shaun has the DMs. It started with Gino asking if she was Sicilian but he is denying Jessica reached out first. Unfortunately, he does not have his initiation texts and now, Jasmine has taken off her engagement ring. Furthermore, it comes out that the couple only was intimate once the last time he was in Panama for a month. Apparently, he prefers to take care of it on his own which is hard for Jasmine. Admittedly, after talking about Gino’s sugar baby past, it comes out that the two met on a site for just that. Jasmine claims her friend set her up on that site but says it is over now and she is done with that.

Before the 90 Days Credit: Gino Palazzolo IG

As for Usman and Kimberly, they are still together but can she accept him having another wife? She knows she cannot have any more kids nor does she want to. Yet she understands it is something very important for him. Then she discovers he called Zara after she left and is completely heartbroken. He tries to explain it to her but she walks out with everyone shocked at his actions.

Next time, Kimberly tries to come to terms with Usman while Ella attempts to explain why she cheated on Johnny and if she did it again. Plus, everyone confronts Ben over Mahogany and Ximena sets the record straight. Don’t miss part two of the Before the 90 Days tell-all next Sunday on TLC.

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