‘Before The 90 Days’: TLC Has FIRED Alina Kozhevnikova For Racist Actions?

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Before the 90 Days made history in Season 5 by casting its first-ever little person. The 90 Day Fiance spinoff chose Alina Kozhevnikova along with Caleb Greenwood. The two are currently seeing if they are a match yet their journey may come to an end faster than it started. Racist remarks the Russian singer made a handful of years ago are now resurfacing and TLC may pull the plug.

Finding Love On Before The 90 Days

It was a big deal when TLC revealed the cast for Season 5 of the hit spinoff. Not only was Usman ‘Sojaboy’ Umar back for round two but the first little person had been cast. Alina Kozhevnikova is a singer from Russia. She had formed a relationship with Caleb Greenwood of Arizona. The two had started talking as teenagers online then lost touch. They reconnected when he was traveling overseas and matched on a dating site. Ultimately, they decided to meet in Turkey with her best friend, Elijah accompanying them.

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Alina had a hard time with Caleb initially. He had been traveling all day and then had to carry both his luggage and her wheelchair up the stairs at the hotel. Physically drained, he passed out the moment he hit the pillow but Alina took offense to his lack of affection. Viewers took offense to her expecting so much from him on day one. Eventually, the relationship progressed though he admitted he had to adjust to her being little.

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The two have been attempting to make it work on the show despite Caleb being a world traveler. He is only in Turkey for two weeks and there were some questions if the two were using the show to advance their careers. Now it might not even matter as they both might be erased from the remaining episodes.

A Racist Past?

Some posts from Alina’s past have resurfaced and they do not bode well for her. In them, she is using racial slurs excessively. It is in reference to a party mocking African-American people by using inappropriate terms repeatedly. Though she apologizes in her post for using a derogatory term, she adds she cannot help but laugh because she deems it hilarious.

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Apparently, TLC realized how wrong she sounded and is now scrambling to rid both her and Caleb from the rest of the season. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, TLC is in the process of removing the couple from further episodes, according to a source. Viewers have been demanding they be let go after the racially insensitive remarks resurfaced. She has also mocked Muslim marriage in her past posts, as well.

No word on whether Alina and Caleb are aware they have been let go or if their co-stars have been filled in. This is not the first time a similar situation has occurred. During Season 4, fans wanted Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina to be removed after they learned Paschel had a record. Instead, TLC did not have them on the tell-all or Pillow Talk.

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  1. I say delete her! If I got on a show asked or not… and it was discovered that I had such hate for little people! And used derogatory language to describe them… It would be on national news! I’ll pray for her. Bye Alina..

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