’90 Day Fiance’ Have Ella Johnson & Johnny Chao Finally Met In Person?


90 Day Fiance fans have become just as invested in the spinoff Before the 90 Days. This recent season had a very interesting cast including Ella Johnson. She was very invested in Asian culture so she fell extremely hard for Johnny Chao and they started a long-distance relationship. Sadly, her fairytale kept getting postponed. Did the two ever get to meet in person or has she been left hanging?

Ella And Johnny’s 90 Day Fiance Romance

When Johnny and Ella connected online, it was a dream come true for both of them. Ella, 30 did not have much luck with American men. Therefore, her fascination with Asian men led her to a site that would allow her to meet an Asian man tailored to her fantasies. Johnny was a divorced father of one who was working over in China. The two would talk for hours on end via FaceTime and, occasionally, she would role-play for him. They made a plan for him to come over to America to stay with her so they could see how their romance played out in person. Unfortunately, there were a few things holding him back from living his best life.


His parents heavily relied on his income to stay stable plus they took care of his young son. He did not want to leave them behind. More so, the pandemic was raging on and Johnny feared that he might get stuck in America. Plus, he was leaving a well-paying job and did not know what he was going to do without the money. There was so much against him, it seemed he was never coming so Ella confessed she was intimate with someone else. He easily forgave her but was torn to shreds at the tell-all. Afterward, she shared that they had always had an open relationship so he would have no reason to be mad. In the end, did he ever make it to see her?

A Missed Connection?

Ella and Johnny ended up on the 90 Day Fiance spinoff 90 Day Diaries to continue their stories. According to In Touch Weekly, there were more hurdles for Johnny. He needed to get certain clearance to leave his job or he would never be able to work in China. It was taking much longer than expected and Ella was getting restless. Keep in mind that she had been in a long-distance relationship before that had failed upon meeting the gent in Thailand. So it was imperative Ella and Johnny just meet and get it over with.


At the tell-all, the couple planned to meet up in February 2022. In a recent Diaries episode, Ella is visibly shaken over the fact that Johnny cannot get the approval of the resigantion. Once again, he had to delay his trip and this was almost the last straw for Ella. “I am willing to wait for him because he really is an amazing person and I love him. But I mean, if he wants to wait until 2023, I have to be done,” Ella shared. So, it is quite uncertain if they will ever be together.

Do you think Johnny and Ella should just call it quits? Let us know and watch new episodes of 90 Day Diaries Mondays on TLC.

*90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC.


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