Amy King’s Son Daxton Goes After Family Cat With Scissors

Duggar Cousin Amy King, YouTube

Amy King is showing off her parenting style. The Duggar cousin took to her Instagram recently to reveal just how she handled a difficult situation with her son Daxton. What trouble did he get into and how did she deal with it? Keep reading to find out.

Amy King catches Daxton up to no good

Taping the whole scenario for her fans to see, Amy King is seen in the Instagram video catching her son Daxton, three, about to do something he shouldn’t. She quickly addressed the situation with the boy after seeing him with his small pair of scissors. He was apparently chasing after their cat Winston. The little guy is not seen on camera, but you can hear his small voice in the background as he talks to his mom. Amy asked Daxton if he was trying to give the kitty a new haircut. She then proceeded to tell him that he needed to obey her and hand over the scissors.

There was a little bit of a standoff between mother and son. Amy had to ask him a few times to give her the scissors. In the end, though, Daxton did as he was told. He is quite full of energy as most toddlers are. He is also learning what is considered safe in the King household.


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Why did Amy King decide to post this for all to see? It appears that she wants to show her fans how differently she is parenting her child than the rest of the Duggar clan. She calls it “gentle parenting.” Amy has never used the blanket training method which is a huge part of the IBLP community. Back in 2020, the former reality star shared on social media that she won’t be using that type of disciplining with her child at all. She doesn’t believe in children being controlled or being fearful.

Amy’s fans have mixed feelings about her wine statement

For the most part, her followers loved that Amy King used such a gentle approach with her son. However, a few of them were not on board with her caption on the Instagram post. She wrote,” Gentle parenting is why there’s wine in the fridge!” Some questioned her need to drink to raise her kid.

One person said, “But why enforce the ‘mommy wine’ culture?” Another follower quipped, “The mommy needs wine to care for her kids thing is not a good look for anyone.”

However, many others shared that sentiment. They told her that they felt the same way some days. Amy did clap back saying that she thinks it’s totally okay to relax with a glass of wine after a hard day and to recharge. She said she is not ashamed for doing that.

What are your thoughts on Amy King’s parenting choice? Share them below.

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