Jana Duggar Barred From Contacting Cousin Amy King?

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Is Jana Duggar barred from having a relationship with her cousin, Amy King? It appears as if that may be the case following the Duggar cousin’s recent interview with Vanity Fair. What exactly did Amy say about Jana during the interview? Keep reading for the surprising details.

Jana Duggar Barred From Contacting Cousin Amy King?

It is no secret that Amy King has a pretty strong friendship with Jill Dillard. The two frequently post photos and videos together. One activity the cousins really seem to enjoy is hitting up thrift stores. Unfortunately, it does not sound like Amy gets to enjoy this same relationship with some of her other cousins.

Amy King clarifies to Vanity Fair that she has no ill will toward her cousin Jana Duggar. In fact, she hopes Jana is thriving and living her best life. She, however, has no contact with Jana. So, she isn’t able to verify what she’s doing or how she’s feeling firsthand.

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Amy King proceeded to admit that there was a strong possibility she had no contact with Jana simply because Jana wasn’t allowed to speak with her.

Anyone that lives at home with anyone in the IBLP, you’re under their control, so I don’t know if she’s necessarily allowed to.”

Forced To Stay Under Jim Bob’s Thumb?

As those who follow the Duggar family know, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have pretty strict rules that their children must remain under their roof until they get married. At the age of 33, Jana is their oldest child to remain unmarried and continue to live under their roof. Naturally, there are all sorts of theories and rumors regarding why Jana remains unwed. One of the biggest theories is that Jana is a lesbian and has no interest in being with a man.

One less controversial theory is that Michelle and Jim Bob keep Jana around to help with the house, children, and grandchildren.

Jana Duggar - YouTube
Jana Duggar – YouTube

During her interview, Amy King was more or less implying that as long as Jana remained living in Jim Bob and Michelle’s household, she suspected that she would not be allowed to have any contact with her. Amy, however, did make it a point to clarify that she wasn’t sure, she just believed that to be the case.

Do you think Jim Bob Duggar has that much control over his 33-year-old daughter? Is Jana Duggar barred from talking to her cousin, Amy? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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