Amy King ‘Tried‘ To Free Anna Duggar From Jim Bob & Michelle

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Counting On fans have been curious about Anna Duggar’s whereabouts since Josh Duggar’s CSAM arrest. She has yet to share updates since all the controversies about her husband surfaced. There are also reports that Anna had feuds with those who don’t support Josh. But it seems that some Duggars won’t stop from making Anna realize all the immoral things that her husband did. One of them is Amy King, who recently opened up about trying to reach out to Anna.

Counting On: Amy King Reaches Out To Anna Duggar

During an interviewCounting On star Amy King discussed her efforts to talk to Anna Duggar after her husband’s conviction. According to Amy, she tried sending texts and emails to Anna. However, she didn’t get any reply despite all of her efforts to reach out. Amy also said that she’s confused if Anna is still monitoring her phone or if she has gotten a new one. She also took to social media to call her out. But still ended up with disappointment. It appears that Anna doesn’t want to talk to people who are against Josh Duggar. But it seems that Amy’s doors are still open for her.

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Amy’s Willingness To Let Anna Live In Her House

Counting On star Amy King also revealed that she’s been willing to let Anna Duggar live in her house. Amy said she, and Dillon King talked about it when Josh Duggar’s arrest first came out. She told her husband that they have enough room for Anna and her kids. But it seems that Anna rejected the offer. Or rather, distanced herself from those who criticized Josh. There are reports that Anna and her kids have been staying at the Duggar compound since Josh’s arrest. She was previously spotted spending some time with her siblings in Texas.

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Counting On: Anna Duggar Paying A Visit To Josh Regularly

An insider close to the Duggars also claimed that Counting On star Anna Duggar is still paying Josh Duggar a visit. The insider also said Anna has been coming over to Josh “fairly regularly.” It’s clear to see that Anna is still taking Josh’s side. It’s also reported that Anna still believes that her husband is innocent despite all the strong evidence against him.

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Josh was sentenced to jail until August 2032. It’s unclear who will provide for Anna in the coming years. There are also reports that she hasn’t found a way to make a stable income and has been relying on Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar.

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