Amy King Shows Off Huge Weightloss The Natural Way?

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Counting On alum Amy King is known for her negative remarks toward her own Duggar cousin Josh, Uncle Jim Bob, and the IBLP. She has also shown support for Jill Dillard’s book, Counting The Cost, which aims to talk about the controversial teachings of Bill Gothard. But it seems that the Duggar cousin is also busy working on herself. Recently, the 36-year-old mother shared a major milestone in her weight loss journey.

Counting On: Amy King’s Support For The Docuseries

Counting On fans have mixed reactions regarding the docuseries about the Duggars, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. Some are happy about what the series is trying to achieve. While others think it’s too much of an attack on the family, who’s already been through a lot since Josh Duggar’s arrest. Amy also made an appearance in the documentary.

Amy King Instagram
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She doesn’t hold back on her comments regarding the IBLP’s teachings either. The reality TV personality also took to Instagram to call out the Duggar family’s comments about the Amazon Prime Video program. “Anyone notice what seems like to me… gaslighting? The “private settings” are what we are speaking up about!” Jim Bob’s niece said.

Amy’s Major Weight Loss Achievement

Amy recently shared photos of herself showing off the weight she has lost. According to the 36-year-old mother, she’s celebrating her get-in-shape journey by wearing her shorts from last year. “If you are on the journey of losing weight I’m here to remind you to keep going! Do it for you and nobody else!” she added. Some Counting On fans were impressed by Amy’s latest feat. Others also asked for her secret, but the Duggar cousin remained silent. Though her Instagram followers see her exercise and frequent outdoor activities with family.

Counting On Amy King Instagram
Photo Credit: @amyrachelleking Instagram

Counting On: What’s Next For Amy King?

Amy’s participation in the Amazon Prime Video docuseries indicates that she’s ready to go after the IBLP and the Duggars. It’s unclear if she’s planning to come up with a project similar to what Jill and Jinger did. But she has already expressed her interest in writing a tell-all book about the big family.

Amy Jill Instagram
Photo Credit: @amyrachelleking Instagram

Jim Bob and Michelle have yet to surface on social media. Although some Counting On fans have seen them keeping things positive in the family by coming up with big gatherings and paying a visit to some of their grandchildren.

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