HGTV’s ‘Revealed’ Air Date: What To Expect

Veronica Valencia Hughes - HGTV's Revealed -Instagram

HGTV is adding the eagerly anticipated show Revealed to its lineup soon, everyone wants to know what to expect and when the initial air date will be.

Revealed is a renovation and home improvement show that goes beyond the surface. Viewers will be taken on a deep dive into the history of the homeowners, and embark on an intriguing journey of exploration into culture and heritage.

What To Expect With HGTV’s Revealed

HGTV’s upcoming show Revealed promises to be more than the average home improvement and renovation show. Instead of taking viewers solely through a “before” and “after” transformation, the team of passionate professionals will turn a family’s heritage into their home’s expression.

The show will take viewers into the distant history of the homeowners and the families that made them. They will uncover the clients’ rich family history and transform their homes along the way. A combination team of interior designers and creative art directors will use these family histories to guide decor choices. Adding to the vision, an artist on the team will focus on bringing history to life in a modern way. And a master builder will restore architecture with precision and respect.

The homes will be restored, revived, and updated while blending the past with the present.

The idea behind the show is to combine heritage and culture to create living legacies for families’ ancestral homes. The goal of living in a home that’s filled with meaning is the dream that is bringing these homeowners to the world of Revealed.

The Team Behind The Past-Meets-Present Television Sensation

A four-person team will be making these remarkable transformations and telling family stories on the upcoming show.

The lead interior designer for Revealed is home reno star, Veronica Valencia Hughes. With over 500 HGTV renovations in her portfolio and collaborations with Target, she’s an experienced and skilled professional who is familiar with bringing home dreams to life. Joining Veronica on the team is director of construction David Bohler. As the co-founder of Bohler Builders Group, David is experienced in both large and small-scale projects and shot to stardom on HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Veronica Valencia Hughes - HGTV's Revealed - Instagram
Veronica Valencia Hughes – HGTV’s Revealed – Instagram

Veronica and David will be working with master builder Tommy Rouse to turn plans into action. Tommy has worked as the Production Designer on Netflix’s mega-hit Queer Eye. Through his attention to detail, the experienced designer focuses on crafting dream weddings and events as the lead at Avenue Twelve. And rounding out the crafty quad team is artist Joshua Smith. Joshua honed his artistic skill as the Art Director for Netflix’s Queer Eye and brings the chemistry of teamwork to the group as husband to designer Tommy Rouse.

What Is The Initial Air Date For Revealed?

With so much to look forward to, fans are eager to know when the show will air. Luckily, there is some good news because the initial air date is almost here.

The first episode of Revealed will air on HGTV on June 29, at 10 PM EST.

Are you more excited about the family stories or the home renovations? Or do your interests lie with both? Let us know in the comments what you’re the most excited about for Season 1 of Revealed. And tune in to HGTV on June 29 at 10 PM EST to see it all kickoff. The show will also be available to stream on MAX on the same day it airs on HGTV.

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