HGTV Makes History With New Host: Who Is Rico Leon?

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The HGTV network is making history with the release of the new renovation series Rico to the Rescue and the new reality TV host Rico León. Turns out, this Denver-based builder is the very first Latino host on the HGTV network. What do we know about the newest addition to the HGTV network? And, what do we know about his new show? Keep reading for the details.

HGTV Makes History With New Host: Who Is Rico Leon?

Rico to the Rescue will follow the first Latino host on the HGTV network as he helps homeowners deal with being both emotionally and financially stressed. This Denver-based builder will take control of construction nightmares and turn them into finished projects and dream homes.

Rico León has had plenty of experience with shady contractors and builders. So, he’s decided to do what he can to help desperate homeowners who have found themselves in stressful situations because they’ve been duped.

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Fortunately, Rico León has a website for those interested in getting to know him a bit better. He has a successful career as both a construction restoration consultant and a realtor. Rico was actually from the East Coast when his vehicle happened to break down in Denver while he was on his way to California back in 2018. As fate would have it, he ended up falling in love with Denver. So, he decided it would make the city his new home.

On his website, he describes himself as: “A Puerto Rican raised in Pittsburgh PA, his blue-collar heavy surroundings cultivated his enthusiastic work ethic and success.”

HGTV viewers welcome him and his show

Unsurprisingly, viewers of the network are pretty thrilled to welcome the first Latino host to the network. Likewise, there is nothing more heartwarming than a show about a professional helping families get out of troubling situations. In addition to helping a lot of people, the network hopes the show will open people’s eyes on what some scams in the industry looks like so they can avoid shady builders and contractors during their own projects.

Rico to the Rescue premiered on January 7 at 9 P.M. EST on HGTV and Discovery+ 

Are you going to watch Rico to the Rescue? Do you think it is cool that the network has introduced its first Latino host? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more reality TV news.

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