HGTV Fans Disgusted With Drew Scott Of ‘Property Brothers’

'Property Brothers' Drew Scott in an interview about his new home on US Weekly YouTube

Property Brothers star Drew Scott has been teasing his followers with photos of his baby. Many people are eager to see the little one’s face. However, like other reality TV show stars, it seems he is choosing to obscure his child’s face on social media. Fans aren’t impressed though. See what has them so angry.

Drew Scott Welcomes A Baby Into The World

On June 1, the Property Brothers star shared that his son had entered the world in a sweet Instagram post.

A black-and-white photo showed Drew’s hand, the hand of his wife Linda Phan, and the small hand of his new baby. The next photo in the gallery showed the sweet family cuddling while Linda is breastfeeding their child.

Drew Scott baby announcement Instagram photo
Instagram/Drew Scott

The caption read, “Our lives are forever changed❤️ Welcome to the world Parker James☺️👶🏼.” After the HGTV star revealed the baby’s name and that he was finally earthside, his fans were clamoring for more.

Although Drew is embracing being a parent and sharing some of that journey with his fans, many of them are not happy with the manner in which he’s doing it. In fact, some people are over his posts about his son altogether.

Property Brothers Fans Are Angry With Drew

In a recent Instagram post, Drew Scott shared a photo of his little family. The snapshot shows his baby on Linda’s lap while Drew leans back to cover the little one’s face.

Drew jokingly captioned the photo stating that the baby must have liked the smell of his conditioner. His followers were not buying it though, and they’d had enough of his antics. Many took to the comment section to call him out.


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Usually, a father making a post about sharing time with his baby would get praise, but fans are tired of not seeing his face. Many people questioned why he continues to post photos of the baby at all if he doesn’t want fans to know what he looks like.

Additionally, several people pointed out that the Property Brothers star has flawed logic when it comes to protecting his child this way. After all, most HGTV fans would recognize him out in public anyway, whether they noticed the baby or not.

The biggest reason so many people were angry with his post obscuring the baby’s face once again is that it seems like he’s doing it for attention. “If you don’t want people to be interested in your family or child’s face don’t put pics of him 😤,” one person commented, while several others agreed that it was annoying.

What do you think about the Property Brothers star’s decision to leave his child’s face out of photos? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I think people must be living under rocks if this is what they’re getting enraged over in the world today, LOL! Good grief…

  2. No one is entitled to see the baby’s face. Lots of people, even everyday people cover their baby’s face. Why can he not get that same courtesy. They are allowed believe it or not to keep some things private… just keep scrolling by if you don’t like it.

  3. both of my daughters won’t allow me to post pix of their kids on any social media. they used to, until there were more & more stories about people stealing kids based on online pix. I wasn’t happy, but I respect their decision. drew is offering a glimpse, which is better than nothing. to many bigger things in life to worry about. plus we don’t have a “right” to see that baby’s face

  4. I think Drew Scott has the right to protect his child any way he can. I don’t post the names of my grandchildren next to their pictures on social media. You have to be very careful these days.

  5. Tell us what you think in the comments, huh? Okay… this was a stupid, uninformative, click bait non-article and I cannot believe you’re paying some halfwit to write this crap.

    1. Today’s crazy world you just have to protect your child any way you can
      I totally understand the rights of Drew to protect his baby so everyone else needs to respect his choice !!

  6. I think it’s none of our business what he puts on his social Media pages. If you don’t like it or it annoys you…. Simple fix unfollow him or anyone else. Do you want to be told. What you should or shouldn’t post, probably not, so deal with it or delete it’s that simple. Happy 2023

  7. If you don’t want the world to see your child that is fine. Respectful and respected actually. How about not posting anything at all then insteasld of “teasers”?

  8. I like the Scott bros. I think all of their shows are a refreshing mix of entertainment and good clean fun. What they do in their personal lives is nobody else’s business. If your focus on any given day is that you can’t see a pic of Drew’s son’s face then you need to find something more constructive to do with your free time.

  9. I understand why he has chosen not to have his childs face broadcast over social media. It is for his protection and if that bothers some, oh well.

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