JD Scott Of ‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Finally Has Some Answers For Scary Health Condition

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The Property Brothers Forever Home star, JD Scott has had a hard year. The brother of Jonathan and Drew Scott had some strange symptoms and he wasn’t sure what was happening. He had sensitivity to high temperatures, head pain, and couldn’t walk for a long distance. According to Lifestyle AU he finally has some answers for the illness he’s been fighting for longer than a year now.

In a post on his Instagram seen below, JD says they have an update and are so grateful for everyone’s support. He said, “at the end of the day, we have a lot more clarity on what was going on and how to tackle it.”


What Did New Testing Tell JD Scott About His Condition?

After JD Scott had several MRIs and visits with specialist he still didn’t know what was wrong with him. The doctor practices both traditional and holistic medicine. After seeing a doctor, Dr. Jacobson an answer was finally found. He has acute mercury poisoning and his levels were so high that the health department came out.

He said they don’t know how he got poisoned, but they have started treating it. It explains a lot of the issues he’s been having, he said. JD said he feels better than he did six months ago. In addition to the poisoning, he also suffered from flouoroquinolone toxicity, which is a side effect from taking synthetic antibiotics and cause nerve damage. He said this part of his diagnosis was brought about because some of his followers commented he may have been suffering from it also called ‘Getting Floxed.’ He said avoid taking antibiotics with “flox” in the name.

He also revealed he had a severe viral intestinal infection. At this point Instagram ran out of characters so he continued his post on Facebook.

He Says No One Would Fake Such A Terrible Illness

He said they found out someone they know well didn’t believe he was sick. It was important for him to bring this up becuase he wants anyone out there to think someone is faking a sickness, that it’s not a thing. He said there is no way he would pretend to fight off a horrible illness. It causes him to miss out on all the fun stuff he used to do and he has to time out his day for medicine, meals,a nd supplements.

Now that they have some clue what they’re dealing with, doctors have started treatment. He said he’d stuck to a diet limiting everything including sugar, dairy, and gluten. There’s a lot he’s going to have to do for treatment. The reality star said, “I am so grateful to finally have some real answers and direction.” Fans are glad he has an answer finally as well.

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