‘Squid Game’ Season 2 Filming Kicks Off Soon: Release Date Yet?

Lee Jung-jae, Oh Young-soo in Squid Game Season 1 / Credit: Noh Juhan | Netflix

Squid Game Season 2 is about to start filming, and this is excellent news for fans of the worldwide phenomenon. While the South Korean series was one of Netflix‘s biggest hits ever, it takes a while to get shows like this made and this one was no different. However, with the start time known, we can speculate on when Squid Game should finally return to Netflix.

Here is what we know about the next season of Squid Game.

Squid Game starts production this summer

Squid Game was one of the most-watched Netflix shows in history, with over 1.6 billion hours screened on the streaming giant in its first month alone. The South Korean series was a show that’s success was surprising. It was a foreign-language series that had a Hunger Games/Battle Royale plot where a group of people were put together in a competition where the winner received $35 million and everyone else died. What makes it unique was that the competition was not fighting to the death. It was playing kids’ games, with the losers assassinated.

The guards in Squid Game Season 1 / Credit: Noh Juhan | Netflix
The guards in Squid Game Season 1 / Credit: Noh Juhan | Netflix

Squid Game focused on one man, Seong Gi-hun, a divorced father with an elderly mother who is in debt due to gambling addictions. He agrees to go into the competition at the behest of a stranger who offers him a way out. He then faces off with 456 other players, all with stories of their own. Along the way, he makes friends and allies, all while watching them die one by one as he fights his way through the competition. The series ended with Seong getting a chance to leave after the competition, but seemingly turning around to go back to the game – possibly to get revenge on the people running it.

That appears to be where Squid Game Season 2 will pick up. It appears that the show will start filming the second season in July 2023. With the time it takes to film a show of this scope, and the editing, post-production, and effects work needed to finish it, that means we can guess its release date.

Squid Game Season 2 release date

Squid Game surpassed Stranger Things as the most-watched Netflix season in its first month. Stranger Things Season 4 still sits on top of the English-language shows, at 1.35 billion hours streamed. That means that Squid Game was streamed 250 million more hours than Stranger Things’ fourth season. That made it easy to see Netflix renewing it, especially with the money they are investing in the South Korean movie industry.

Lee Jung-jae in Squid Game Season 1 / Credit: Noh Juhan | Netflix
Lee Jung-jae in Squid Game Season 1 / Credit: Noh Juhan | Netflix

Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk said that the first Squid Game season really caused a lot of stress for him, and he wanted to wait before jumping back into the second season. Production and filming of the first season ran from June to October 2020. With that in mind, a similar schedule would mean the show would film through November 2023. The series was then released 11 months later, so Netflix subscribers should expect to see Squid Game Season 2 around the holidays in 2024, likely between Halloween and Christmas.

Are you excited to see Squid Game Season 2 when it returns to Netflix? What do you want to see in the second season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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