‘Squid Game’ Season 2 Set To Film This Summer

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Nick Davis

Squid Game is one of the biggest hits that Netflix has ever seen. No doubt the Netflix executives have been anxiously pushing for the second season as hard as the fans. But it’s just been slow going to get those new episodes. It’s been almost a year and a half now since we got the first season, and still no second season in sight. Except we just got some news about Season 2 that may finally put it on the horizon. But how close on the horizon? And what can we expect from Season 2 of Squid Game?

Season 2 On The Way

The news we have about Season 2 of Squid Game comes courtesy of the show’s lead actor Lee Jung-Jae. Currently, he’s actually working on the set of Star Wars: Acolyte. This is his first time in a major American production. However, he did an interview where he spoke about Squid Game beginning to film the new season this summer.

squid game season 2
‘Squid Game’ Season 2 poster

He also said that he expects the filming to take around 10 months because of the new season’s scale. As far as the new season’s story goes, Lee said that it will revolve around revenge.

“the main plot of season 2 will be revenge, and the key figure who controlled the workings of the games in season 1 was Lee Byung Hun sunbae, so it seems that the two of us will be the central figures of this next story,” said Jung-Jae in the interview.

So we’re going to have to wait a little longer for the next season of one of Netflix’s biggest shows. By the time it comes out, it seems likely that nearly three years will have passed since the first season. A fairly long turnover time. Hopefully, the fans don’t lose interest in that time.

The Future Of Squid Game

squid game guards
A shot of the guards from ‘Squid Game’ Season 1

The presence of Squid Game in the press lately has been… strange, to say the least. This is because of the questionable decision by Netflix to turn the horrific death games into an actual game show. There isn’t any death in the real-life version of the games, of course. But the idea still reeks of irony. Sort of like if someone decided to make a restaurant based on the cuisines of Silence Of The Lambs. It doesn’t help that the game show has been run through the mud over the treatment of its players, as well. It’s a strange smudge on the otherwise-spotless name Squid Game holds right now. Hopefully, it doesn’t taint the release of Season 2 too much. Considering it will probably still be some time before we actually get the new season, people will likely have forgotten by then. As long as it’s a good season, the actions of some rogue game show shouldn’t affect it.

Squid Game Season 2 has no set release date yet. But with the filming time taken into account, we can assume a tentative release window of mid-to-late 2024.

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