Kody Brown Leaks New ‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 Spoiler

Kody Brown/YouTube

Kody Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives has been busted for opening his big mouth and leaking a new Season 18 spoiler. A video of the TLC personality leaking details from the upcoming season is currently making rounds on TikTok. What details did Kody Brown spill? Keep reading for the scoop!

Kody Brown Leaks New Sister Wives Season 18 Spoiler

Turns out, a video that was originally shared on a TikTok channel dedicated to Sister Wives back in January of this year recently got picked up by several outlets and started going viral. This video featured Kody Brown spilling a secret about Season 18 with the fan that was receiving the video.

Kody Brown/Sister Wives/YouTube
Kody Brown/Sister Wives/YouTube

The TikTok user that posted the video explained someone reached out to her and gave her the video explaining they received it for their birthday as a gift from their husband. And, they thought it was a video other people would like to see.

Here’s the video that recently started gaining the attention of Sister Wives fans:

In the video, Kody Brown lets it slip that two of his friends will be joining him on Season 18. He explained that he plans to sit down with these two friends to discuss his “terrible divorce.”

These two guys are in the next season. They sit down with me to talk about my imminent — or, my sudden and terrible divorce.”

In the video, Kody Brown did not clarify which relationship ending he was sitting down to talk to his friends about. As fans know, Kody Brown ended up losing three of his four wives as Season 17 came to an end. Fans, however, have grown more than a little tired of hearing about Kody and Christine’s drama. So, they are hopeful this chat will be about Janelle and Meri instead.

Kody, Robyn, Meri, Janelle Brown/Sister Wives/YouTube
Kody, Robyn, Meri, Janelle Brown/Sister Wives/YouTube

Brian Has Been On The Show Before

Fans were pretty quick to notice that one of the two friends Kody introduced was Brian Coalwell. Brian just happened to be the same friend that got married during Season 17.

In the comments of the video, Sister Wives fans admit they can’t understand why anyone would pay Kody Brown for a Cameo. Moreover, some fans jokingly admitted they would consider ending their marriage if their husband presented them with a Kody Brown video as a birthday present.

Does it surprise you that Kody Brown keeps letting spoilers slip via Cameo? Do you think he’ll get in trouble for breaching his contract for TLC if he keeps spilling details? Let us know in the comments down below and keep coming back for more Sister Wives Season 18 spoilers.

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  1. He just needs to go away!! The only people that watch the are only interested in Janelle & Christine, and their children. Kody, is just nasty & gross. I certainly, don’t know what the appeal is, and wonder why it took the ladies so long to kick his behind to the curb. TLC, just needs to cancle the show and give Jenelle & Christine their own show. Much more pleasing & interesting.

  2. I dont think there’s any breach of contract here
    these cameos are probably run througg TLC and they give him “permission” to let little things slip. there was no spoiler. he has two male friends in a car, he msntions his divorce (all 3 have been all over social media and tv news articles). nothing if a spoiler was mentioned with that. he didn’t say divorce with his last remaining, or only wife, (which I hope is coming) he didn’t say he’s gay and these guy are his new “wives” or that the shows canceled.

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