Kody Brown Allegedly Angry Over Christine & David Living Together

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC and Christine Brown and David Woolley from Instagram

Kody Brown is not at all happy that his ex-wife Christine Brown and her current fiance David Woolley are cohabitating before marriage.

The Browns come from a strict religious background, which explicitly forbids a couple from living together before marriage. However, Christine left the faith several years ago and is free to do as she pleases — whether Kody likes it or not.

Sister Wives fans already knew that Kody would be angry about the situation. But it doesn’t just have to do with Christine. Kody is reportedly unhappy that his daughter Truely lives with David Woolley too.

Kody Brown is reportedly seething over Christine’s newfound happiness

Over the course of 17 seasons of Sister Wives, fans have come to know Kody Brown as an incredibly jealous person. That’s why it didn’t exactly shock fans when Kody was so angry about Christine leaving him and moving on with her life.

But now that Christine and David Woolley are engaged to be married, Kody is up in arms about the living situation.

One of David's kids, David Woolley, Christine Brown, and Truely Brown from Instagram Sister Wives, TLC
David Woolley/Instagram

“It has been brought up several times by Kody that he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for his daughter to be living in an unwed household,” an insider close to the Browns allegedly told The Sun. “There have been conversations about how he’s uncomfortable with the fact alone that Christine and her fiance are living together and not married.”

Christine and David also regularly post about the fun activities they’re doing as a family — and that also allegedly rubs Kody the wrong way.

Christine Brown, David Woolley, and Truely Brown from Instagram Sister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown/Instagram

“Kody seeing photos of his daughter with David is really bothersome to him. It’s triggering,” the family friend continued. “Truely is a daddy’s girl and always was. The whole situation with Kody is heartbreaking.”

Seasoned Sister Wives fans might disagree with the “daddy’s girl” comment, but Kody could very well see the situation that way.

And apparently, that’s not where the drama ends. The source went on to say that David Woolley and Kody Brown actually can’t stand one another.

The ex-husband and the new fiance butt heads

Reportedly, David despises how poorly Kody treated Christine during their marriage. Now, David is doing everything in his power to treat Christine well and show her what real love looks like.

“He brings her on trips to, like, Universal Studios and Disneyland because that’s where she always wanted desperately to go for family time but Kody never would go,” the insider continued in The Sun interview. “All these things they are doing are things that she always wanted Kody to go and do and he never made time for.”

Rumor has it that Christine and David will marry this summer. There are many unknown wedding details at the moment, but it doesn’t appear that Kody will receive an invitation.

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