Kody Brown Misses Truely: ‘In Talks’ With Christine For More Visits

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Breaking Sister Wives news coming out leaving fans a bit shocked to learn that Kody Brown is currently in talks with his ex-wife Christine as he misses Truely and wants to spend more time with her. As fans know, Kody Brown was not happy when he learned Christine was picking up and moving away (especially when he learned she was taking Truey with her). Kody was pretty quick to remind Christine that Truely belonged to both of them and he would fight for his kid.

Sister Wives fans weren’t buying it as Kody never seemed to want much to do with his children other than Robyn’s. Likewise, Christine pointed out on the show that Kody was never interested in being involved in Truely’s life prior to her decision to leave him. Christine claimed she wanted nothing more than for Truely to have an involved father that wanted to spend time with her. She wasn’t stopping Kody Brown from spending time with his daughter. Christine just didn’t understand why he waited until this point in time to suddenly show an interest in her.

A source close to the family, however, claims Kody Brown does maintain a relationship with Truely. He reportedly talks to her on the phone constantly and misses having her around more. So, he’s reportedly “in talks” with Christine to work out some sort of agreement for her to visit him more.

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Kody Brown Misses Truely: ‘In Talks’ With Christine For More Visits

A source close to the family tells The Sun that Kody and Christine still communicate pretty regularly because they share Truely. The source claims Kody constantly calls Christine so he can speak with his daughter.

He misses her and tries to see her often, despite it seeming like she spends all her time in Utah with her mom.”

The source confirms that, for the most part, Christine and Kody are on friendly terms and have arranged visits so Truely gets to spend time with her father.

Kody hasn’t lost touch with his daughter. He’s still very much part of her life whether it’s seeing her once a month or FaceTiming with her throughout the week

The source also teases that the custody arrangement between Kody and Christine regarding Truely will play out on Season 18 of Sister Wives.

Christine Brown, David Woolley, and Truely Brown from Instagram, Sister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown, David Woolley, and Truely Brown from Instagram,
Sister Wives, TLC

Are you surprised to learn that Kody Brown reportedly talks to his daughter Truely on the phone regularly? Do you think Kody feels threatened by David’s presence in Truely’s life? Do you think they will come to some sort of agreement that allows Truely to travel to Flagstaff and spend time with Kody? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. I think dumb butt is just trying to ease back into Christine’s life because her finding someone else is a pain in the other kidney. He never cared about her before, why now?
    Green eyed monster showing up

  2. He wasn’t seeing her on a regular visits or call he didn’t care about her when she was living in Flagstaff he doesn’t care about any of his children but Sobbing Robins I used to love watching this show but not that much anymore I would love to see Christine and Janelle have their own show I dislike Kody and Robin they need prayers

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