‘Pump Rules’ Season 10 Ratings Confirm Fans’ Dark Sides

Pump Rules - Bravo - YouTube

The Pump Rules Season 10 wrapped on June 7 and the reality series earned the remarkable honor of the most-watched cable show in 2023.

All along, fans have been publicly bemoaning the ups and downs of Scandoval, decrying it as a dark and disturbing chapter in the Vanderpump Rules story.

However, the ratings over Season 10 confirm what many have long known: Vanderpump Rules fans have a bit of a dark side.

Vanderpump Rules Rules The Ratings

Over 115 million hours of Season 10 were watched across the Bravo and Peacock apps, along with smaller digital apps.

The scandal-riddled season reached a whopping 11.4 million users in total, so far.

The three-part finale reunion episodes, two of which aired in May (17 and 24) and one in June (7), drove the rapid rise in ratings.

Pump Rules - Bravo - YouTube
Pump Rules – Bravo – YouTube

In total, 6.5 million viewers tuned in for the three-part closer.

Part one, aired on May 17, was the most-watched Bravo episode of any series in over nine years. And it was the most-watched Vanderpump Rules episode of all time.

And the “why” fans tuned in is no big mystery: it’s Scandoval.

Do Fans Love Or Hate the Pump Rules Scandoval?

If you read social media, you might believe that all of the Vanderpump Rules fans hate Scandoval.

Scandoval is the catchy nickname for the salacious affair that went on between co-stars Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss. Sandoval was dating Ariana Madix, and Raquel was supposedly her best friend.

But partner or best friend, neither Raquel nor Tom felt enough loyalty to Ariana to stop themselves from sleeping together multiple times, according to Raquel.

Fans have blasted both Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss for the affair. And in the wake of the explosive reunion, they blasted them anew for how they handled the whole situation. Fans accused Tom of trying to pin his actions on Ariana. And they accused Raquel of being a liar and backstabber.

Pump Rules - Bravo - YouTube
Pump Rules – Bravo – YouTube

But while they may say on social media that they hate Scandoval, the numbers paint a very different story.

Everyone Loves A Scandal

The truth is, the fans seem to be eating it all up.

And a remarkable number of people tuned in to Pump Rules for the first time just to catch the Scandoval drama.

Bravo of course noticed right away. They aired an additional “Secrets Revealed” episode on June 14. The “Secrets” episode gave fans a glimpse into the post-Scandoval life of the castmates.

And the reality tv stars themselves caught on quickly too. Ariana Madix found herself betrayed by two people she loved. But she has managed to turn it around and has made around $1 million in brand deals since the scandal broke.

Other castmates have found a way to capitalize on the affair, too.

Lala Kent sold “Send it to Darrell” merchandise. That marketing move earned her enough money for a down payment on a house. “Send it to Darrell” is a tongue-in-cheek response the VPR star made after Raquel‘s lawyer sent a cease & desist letter. The whole furor was over a video Lala claims she never even possessed.

One thing is clear from the Scandoval fallout: people are eating the scandal up and are hungry for more.

Are you one of the people who secretly can’t get enough of the Scandoval drama? Or are you ready for the furor to die down? Tune in to the Bravo or Peacock apps to watch the explosive Season 10 three-part reunion episodes of Vanderpump Rules.


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