Raquel Leviss’ Bio Mom Enters ‘Scandoval’ Chat

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Vanderpump Rules star Raquel Leviss’ biological mother has entered the ‘Scandoval’ chat. She feels the need to defend her daughter’s honor. Yet, no one has ever seen her before or ever heard from her, for that matter. Is there a reason why she is speaking out now out of all times? Read on for more details on what she is saying.

Raquel Leviss’ Bio Mom Enters ‘Scandoval’ Chat

Vanderpump Rules viewers learned Raquel Leviss‘ familial backstory during Season 9. She was adopted by her aunt Laura at birth. Laura’s sister, Susan had Rquel but did not want any more kids while Laura could not have any children. Thus, she ended up adopting Raquel and giving her a beautiful life. No one ever saw Raquel’s biological mother or even heard from her the entire time. Even when ‘Scandoval’ initially happened and Raquel was raked over the coals, Susan was radio silent. Then, Ariana Madix started getting all of these endorsement deals, and Susan suddenly came out of the woodwork.

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Ariana was Raquel Leviss’ best friend and then she started having an affair with her boyfriend of nine years, Tom Sandoval. This caused an uproar in the Pump world. Soon, everyone was team Ariana with her getting a shopping spree at Bloomingdales. Then, she, Lala Kent, and Scheana Shay landed an Uber One commercial. Duracell, BIC, and Glamour soon came calling for Ariana, and fans quickly showed their support. However, Raquel’s bio mom did not like this. She then took to Twitter to knock down Ariana Madix over her success.


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According to The Sun, a fan posted Ariana’s new Duracell ad on Twitter. Susan quickly responded: “Main stream endorsements at the expense of Raquel.” Then, she reacted to someone posting the Glamour cover. “Moving on up and Raquel saved the show ratings skyrocketed,” she tweeted. It was not so much about Raquel, it was the fact that she betrayed her best friend. She also did it with her best friend’s boyfriend and really betrayed everyone who loved and defended Raquel.

Where Is Raquel?

Raquel Leviss has apparently been in a mental health facility for over two months now. Though it seemed that she may be at a spa or her grandmother’s home in Arizona, this has been disputed. She mentioned that she was getting mentally evaluated while at the reunion. At the very end, she did her own confessional where she shared intimate details of the affair including an extensive timeline. This was one that Tom Sandoval did not want Raquel to bring up at all. However, she said that she had to and there is still more she wants to get out.

Do you think that Susan has a right to suddenly insert herself everywhere or should she leave well enough alone? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Rachel knew better but she decided to make the wrong choice. She made her bed now let her lay in it.
    She should leave the show and try and rebuild her life in a better way. I don’t feel sorry for her.

      1. Because after the reunion when she was making herself out to be a victim she went into the dressing room with Tom and started laughing out loud saying I guess. This is our consequences Which showed no Remorse for actions.,also she Did this to her best friend, and her mom coddling her that’s a whole nother story I would love my daughter more than life itself but I would not coddle that behavior that. Is not going to teach her how to be a real woman With good self esteem,class,and self respect that’s why.

  2. Absolutely not, sounds like every show biz parent trying to earn a paycheck from thier child’s glor…oops misfortune. While they are all obviously defending thier daughter’s bad behavior. It was as bad as Lori Loughlin justifying the admissions scandal she was involved with, with her daughters. You no thier guilty but still try to make you believe it was everyone else’s fault. I think they call that narcissistic behavior. It fits.

  3. I agree she knew what she was doing and having fun till she’s was caught. you want to be her mother now a little late for that she needs to take what she has coming !!!

  4. Rachel is disgusting and so is Tom. They should let them go from the show. I am so tired of these reality shows with really bad behavior. This world has enough problems and all these show thrive on people being ugly to each other.

  5. I think Raquel did nothing wrong. This cast is nothing but cheaters. Freak Lala needs to keep her filthy mouth shut. She is a BIG HO. Katie just needs to smile and stop the sharp comments to Schwartz. He is single!! Bring Jax and Brittany back. Bring Kristen back. James has become the Biggest Star

  6. Someone want their 5 minutes. Christin was kick off the show they just didn’t come out and say it. I don’t feel bad for her she allowed Tom to use her. Where is he know? She should have demanded him to be single first. Have a little morals and things like this wouldn’t happen

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